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“While I'm gone, dream me the world. Something new for every night.”

- Maggie Stiefvater


Character Information


Name: Sylvi

Known About:

Sylvi was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the daughter of two Norwegian immigrants and the only sister of Bragi. She was born kinfolk, and spent most of her life on a bawn in tribal living to be with her family and support for the Garou. Sylvi has always been known for her good and kind heart, her strong mind, and her ability to heal. However, recently, she has been given visions in the form of prophetic dreams that are signs from what she believes is Gaia and the Nordic gods. She is often warning or assisting others, which takes her places she would not normally go. She is torn between her duty to the Garou nation and Gaia in prophecy and Volva, and in creating a home for her family and mate. She currently residing on the Fannon farm in San Antonio. Just recently arriving because of a dream, she will stay until the visions take her elsewhere.


Public Timeline and Locations:

  • Born 1995 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 2009 The Dark Brigade destroyed more than 30% of the Caern population. Bragi and Sylvi's parents missing, presumed dead. Bragi raises Sylvi until she comes of age.
  • 2013 Goes to the Caarn in North Carolina to stay with her second cousins
  • 2014 First known prophetic dream. Sylvi is claimed by Kalsen Ahlberg as mate
  • 2015 Caern falls to the Wyrm, Sylvi escapes
  • 2015 Goes to stay as a refugee under the care of Alistair in Los Angeles
  • 2015 Stayed with Thrall Larssen for a short time in New Orleans
  • 2016 Spent a short time up in Kansas City with Cold War
  • 2016 Spent some time in Virginia area
  • 2016 Went to Boston to assist with the bitten TBD
  • 2016 Went to Puerto Rico and established an actual home there, her first home since the North Carolina Caern
  • 2017 Followed a vision to San Antonio, TX, and will stay until the dreams take her elsewhere.
  • 2017 Left her mate for the Fianna Ragabash "Almost Famous" Amos Fannon, and returned to San Antonio
  • 2018 "Almost Famous" Amos Fannon left Sylvi
  • 2018 Sylvi adopted by Elder Fergus Mac Elrath
  • 2018 Sylvi goes to see Stag, and accepted by Stag as Fianna

Hearth and Home


Mates/Husbands/Romantic Interests

Children :

  • First Child (referred to as Drago), status unknown. Born 2015
  • Kort Jonathan Anker, Born September 3, 2017. Given to Bragi and Thyra as Get of Fenris.


  • Sheela na gig - Destroyed in Fannon Farm explosions, August 2017
  • Vahalla Farm - safe haven for kinfolk, known spiritual area, ranch with cattle primarily but also animals of all kind

Allies and Enemies

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The Fallen

  • Magna and Jostein Anker, Parents. MIA, presumed dead.


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  • Sylvi's dreams are slowly driving her mad
  • Sylvi has some sort of very powerful and rich benefactor. How else did she get that house near the ocean?
  • Sylvi and her brother are very close, some would say too close, but don't say it too loudly. Bragi Anker is very protective of his sister.
  • Sylvi's biggest weakness is ice cream. It is even rumored that she allowed refrigerators in her houses in order to have ice cream despite her wariness of the Weaver.
  • Sylvi is leaving the Get of Fenris tribe to join another tribe in the Sanctum of Gaia.
  • Her vengeance against the Get of Fenris will come to fruition from her work in rights for kinfolk.
  • Her search of self discovery is not at an end.
  • Two children by two different men , and not the one she is mated to now. Does she even know what she wants?
    • Two children to continue the people, yes? Two to carry on, two to stand for Gaia. Two raised, loved, and taught. Would that we should all do our duty so well.

Personal Sayings

  • "Fenris challenges, Gaia provides."
  • "I have a choice now, don't I?"
  • "You have to know what is worth fighting for."
  • "A sheltered life is not an informed one."


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  • "Sylvi Anker is no more. She is a child of Stag, now. I adopted her and Stag claimed her. Her fire was too hot for the Fenrir." -- Fergus_mac_Elrath
  • "Sylvi Anker is of a spirit with the Norse Norns; given to fierce strength and unyielding purpose, it is the wisdom she wields which is most potent. It is bitter at times, and unforgiving, but those who fail to learn from it earn the wages of folly." -- Ambrose Silverheart
  • "The woman is an instrument of fate. Knowing her has brought me no particular joy, but I suppose that is to be expected." -- Rødefingre
  • "Sylvi is nice lady. Too nice. Is good she is Get lady, and she is tough. She helped me one time. Not sure why, but not dying is always good." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy
  • "Sylvi is an instrument of The Norns themselves. Her words echo their wisdom and speak into the heart of a man's Destiny. I work ever harder each day to live up to the things she has seen of me." - Thrall Larssen
  • "My heart is a wolf ruled by two moons; one which beckons me back into the night, the other call me home." - Kalsen Ahlberg
  • "Show respect, or I will throat you myself. She doesn't need to taste that kind of filth in her mouth." - Amasis Sabry
  • "A woman as strong as she is proud, Sylvi is a source of joy and wonder to those who know her. Our dreams call to each other. Those are the sort of people one never forgets." - Tenebrous Harmony
  • "She may be Kinfolk, but don't let that fool you into thinking she doesn't have the will and strength of Gaia pumping through her veins." - Madison Walsh
  • "She is my Sister, My Best Friend and my Family. She has taught me so much about the culture of our tribe and The Homid World. That is what keeps me going and fighting hard. No harm will never befall her as long as I am around and Gaia Help those who would try to." - Asger
  • "Visions are powerful things, even more so are those granted by the Spirits. Sylvi is one such gifted individual" - Paints the Trees
  • "One day we shall have a long talk but it is her choice when that one day will be. I thank all that have loved her and helped her be a good woman." Annika
  • "Not meat. Provides meat. This is good." - Dredge
  • "Sylvi's influence has been beneficial to me and she is directly responsible for some of my more philanthropic and humanitarian efforts." - Alex Drake
  • "Sylvi. Chill out, it's fine, I promise you're not going to fall to the corruption of the Weaver if I teach you to drive a car. Or use a refrigerator or whatever. I have got this covered." - Jen Ahlberg
  • "Zhis child of man is a strange von. She throws herself into danger vith no concern for her safety. Though her visions seem to come from zhe spirits zhemselves. Such a gift is rare indeed." - Grave Winter
  • "Sylvi is family of my family. Yes, she is set in her ways, but that is not always a bad thing. Stubbornness is an important trait to have as a kinfolk." - StrongTalk
  • "After only one evening and just one real conversation, I can tell this young woman and I will have a lot to talk about and that she will be a valuable member of the sept. She is young, but to speak on what she asked, she is far from being a 'baby' in these old eyes." - Samuel "Old Ironsides" Johnson
  • "Her visions might have some truth to them, but god it would be nice if they were a little more specific. She is welcome in our sept, and shouldn't hesitate to bring her visions to the leadership if she wants to." - Douglas Fannon
  • "That girl gave us intel when there was none to be had. We may not like the messages she sends, but that's no reason to shoot the messenger. I think I'll be workin' quite closely with Sylvi in the comin' days." - Amos Fannon
  • "It was an interesting first meeting. Usually it's Alexis by herself who finds all the swooning ladies" - Jo Trevino
  • "Yet another kinfolk garou's wife who wanders the night waiting for word of safe returns. Her wandering include gruesome visions too, at least I was spared of that." - Josie
  • "See, technology's not so bad. It's actually really useful for a lot of stuff. Now to just convince her of that..." - Alexis Rangel
  • "Rarely have I been taken in hand so completely as I have been with Sylvi. She's been very helpful with my new life as a Garou. I hope that others can see the value in her words as much as I do." - Arturo Mendoza
  • "What can I say about Sylvi? She tends to my heart, mind, and soul. She understands that I am who I am, but isn't afraid to help me become a better version of myself. She cares, and that's somethin' I ain't had in a long time. When you combine all those things together, I can't help but care about her. She means the world to me." - Amos Fannon
  • "'Knowing your place' is often used disparagingly, but in Sylvi's case, it is a source of strength. She knows where she belongs, and what her duties are, and has no reluctance in performing those duties. If only we all could be as certain in our places." - Loki Laufeyson
  • "No, Sylvi. Kinfolk are people." - Gordon Fannon
  • "I made her aquaintance at a meeting of the kinfolk during the Concolation. She told me of her time at the hands of her tribe and the lengths she's gone to get the right to agency in her own life. It was a kick in my complacent ass. There's a lot of work for me to do." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "I was told three things: she's annoying, she's backward, and she's belligerent. Exactly zero of those things justify her death. Besides, context is everything." - Hollis Faraday
  • "She's got a fiery heart. She'll make an excellent mama when that little one comes." - Spitballer
  • "I wish there was more I could do to help Sylvi. Even the strong shouldn't have to carry their burdens as often as it seems she is carrying hers." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Ah, niece of mine, what have you gotten yourself into now? And have you learned the lessons you need to get yourself out?" - 'Spector
  • "Such a lovely, vivacious young lady. One would think her mate would smile more." - Rose Marie Davis
  • "I feel gratified to see the life she's made for herself in San Antonio. I hope that means the sept there treats her better. I'm still furious at somebody that she was unable to keep here own damn child though. She and I probably still disagree on a lot but I do wish her well." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Hers is the fair visage of the people who came long ago to our shores and replaced us in the eyes of the world. I cannot say whose path she follows more closely: Malgven or Dahut. But I know the fate of Kér Is well enough. Sylvi is an angler by any accounting. Whether she fishes for the Salmon of Wisdom or just for sport, I dare say the fishing pond at Vahalla Farm is not a safe place for fish." - Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat
  • "You still owe me that ring." - That Asshole
  • "Presence of this kin is light and smooth like the gentle flow of a cool creek. One may find themself coming and going for a soul's cool drink that soothes the fires of rage." - Executioner's Resolve


OOC Information

Player: Erica Martinez

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Storyteller: MJ Jackson

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Location: San Antonio, TX