Sylvia St. Croix

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name:Sylvia St. Croix
Notable Traits: Heroic Lineage (Unbreakable Hearth)
Pack: Packs are for those that can change shape.
Sept: Puerto Rico

Notable Personality Traits

She is prickly towards most, but incredibly lowly to those friends she does have. She will generally have a flask of rum on her some where. She usually has silver on her somewhere.
She is usually also smudged with soot from the forge somewhere on her person. Her greatest joys are the hours she spends in her forge.


GlyphKlaive.png Born February 6, 1991
GlyphKlaive.png Graduated high school in 2007
GlyphKlaive.png Went on to College, but dropped out in February of 2009 to be married off to Chad "The Machine" Michaels, Adren, Silver Fang, Ahroun.
GlyphKlaive.png April 2009 her husband is murdered and she disappears.
GlyphKlaive.png Resurfaces in Puerto Rico in 2015


GlyphKlaive.png She murdered her husband.
GlyphKlaive.png Secretly an actual garou, just plays a kinfolk to get out of helping the nation.
GlyphKlaive.png Really really hates the politicking and would rather be banging out metal in the forge than dealing with political matters.
GlyphKlaive.png She was the one to propose to her fiance.
GlyphKlaive.png Once traveled the US with a carnival. That explains her ability to get out of things.


GlyphKlaive.png "Whatever enmity that exists between our two houses, hear me and hear me well when I say this: Sylvia St. Croix is the only member of House Unbreakable Hearth that has truly earned my respect and esteem. While others hide behind words and shy away from adversity, she strikes to the heart of every matter with deft precision that only one who smiths the traditional blade of our people can do. I wish her kinsmen had even just a sliver of her audacity and courage." - Morena's Lament
GlyphKlaive.png "Here's the thing. Sylvia is important to my cousin. Which means she is important to me. So by all means, try to fuck with her in any way. They'll never find your body..." - Ora James
GlyphKlaive.png "I have seen her work. It is quite impressive." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke
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OOC Information

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