Symphony of Souls

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VSS Information

VSS Boundaries: Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Central, Prairieville, West Baton Rouge

VST Name: Kaci St. Romain

VST Email:

Domain Code: LA-006-D

City Information

City Type: Independent Alliance City

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Camarilla and Unaligned vampires are uncommon in this city.

Sect Boundaries: The Independent Alliance controls all of Baton Rouge. The outskirt cities are inhabited by a scattered few Cam/Anarch/Unaligned vampires.

Theme: Political Cold War; Conspiracy

Mood: Trust No One; Back-Alley Contracts

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser

“I’ve learned to pretend—to pretend that my victories mattered, only to realize that no one was keeping score. To realize that liars do not fear the truth if there are enough liars. That the devil is just one man with a plan, but evil, true evil, is a collaboration of men.”

For nearly two centuries the Camarilla held Baton Rouge, largely ignoring the presence of any other kindred, or handling them if they became problematic. They let their guard down too far, and a cold war broke out between the Cam and the Giovanni. This war was long and tedious, but the Camarilla were certain they had the upper hand, and were winning. This changed at the start of the 21st century, with an attack by the Anarchs trying to liberate the city that lead to the deaths of most of the court members. This massacre eventually led to the uprising of the always-present but ignored Giovanni, who control the city to this day, and perhaps-always did.

City Description

Baton Rouge is an Independent Alliance domain that follows that Sects laws and traditions. The south side of the city is controlled largely by the Giovanni, but they are thoroughly spread across the whole city. The Setites hold a good portion of the north side, and both clans own several businesses and have investments throughout the entire area. Though the Independent Alliance controls the city, they are not alone. There are some leftover Camarilla members quietly going about business, some Anarchs that remember their cause and are actively working towards it, even rumors of Sabbat are heard every now and then. The Independent Alliance in the city also have ties to the local government/entities through various contacts and allies made over the years. .

City Timeline

  • 1720s- The French establish Baton Rouge. Kindred arrive, various clans with no real sect affiliation, just wanting a peaceful place to settle for a while.
  • 1779- Battle of Baton Rouge (Pt.1); The Spanish defeat the English, and the Camarilla officially arrive in Baton Rouge, and promptly take over.
  • 1812- Louisiana becomes a State
  • 1820- The Giovanni presence grows in the city, does not take over
  • 1835- The Louisiana State Penitentiary opens, largely under Giovanni influence
  • 1861-1865- The US Civil War breaks out; Louisiana attempts to secede from the Union
  • 1870- Ventrue Prince established, Kindred across all clans/sects start to involve themselves with the political nature of the city. Also in 1870, LSU established (Brujah influenced)
  • 1920s- The Brujah and Giovanni combine efforts to further the career of Huey P Long, with hopes to get him into office. This was done largely to ruin the Ventrue empire that was creeping up on the city. This was successful, and the Ventrue were upset when Long was put into office in 1928, as their business endeavors were heavily threatened.
  • 1935- Huey P Long assassinated; the Ventrue are blamed by the Brujah, this results in a small war of the clans. The Giovanni snicker in the corner. No one’s sure who *actually* had him killed.
  • 1937- The Brujah win their war with the Ventrue, though little blood is shed on either side. A new Prince takes over, Ethan Krieger (Brujah), and reigns until the turn of the century.
  • 1940s-1980s- Various US wars occur, but Baton Rouge remains steadily the same. The Camarilla still run everything, The Brujah is still Prince. The Ventrue attempt to rebuild their business pipelines, but are met with resistance because of new competitors, the Setites. Meanwhile, the Giovanni are quietly taking small steps and actions to overthrow the Cam. Some court members are suspicious, and this leads to a cold war between the Giovanni and the Camarilla presence in town.
  • 2000- The Red Court: The Camarilla court is interrupted one evening by the Prince’s childer (an Anarch leader) and his crew. A relatively insignificant action from childe to sire throws the Prince into wassail, an overreaction for the books. Court members died, Anarchs died, and the Camarilla control of the city of Baton Rouge was no more. There are suspicions that the Giovanni had something to do with this, but they were not present, so no one can prove it. The Prince’s childer lived, and now holds an almost irrational grudge against the Giovanni.
  • 2005- The Giovanni still control the city, and have become more open to the idea of business with the Setites. Things are shaky but promising. Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans and Baton Rouge, causing a max influx of mortals and kindred alike to flee to BR
  • April 4th, 2006-Sabbat Crusade- Members of multiple packs descend on Baton Rouge taking advantage of the increased population in the city after the hurricane. This coordinated attack was planned through infiltration points in the Giovanni and the remaining Camarilla members in the city. Rampant fighting in the streets and looting occurred. Bringing hunters attention to the area and the packs only stayed for a week. Only two Packs continued to harry the people of the city.The Giovanni was hosting their annual celebration for the diableration of Cappadocius. At the beginning of the celebration, second cousin vampire known for being a failure became an eight foot tall tzimsce monster then the shadows came and the harbringers seeking revenge. Many Giovanni died in this attack.
  • 2007-2010- The Giovanni become more acquainted with the Setites in town, as the Followers offer help during/after the Sabbat Crusade. The Camarilla members still in the city had reported up the chain the type of massacre the Sabbat brought, and the Cam sends more members down here to keep an eye out for further opportunities to take the city back.
  • 2010-Present Day: The Independent Alliance is alive and well, and running the City of Baton Rouge. The Camarilla are still here plotting their latest ideas for takeover, the Anarchs are still eco-terrorists angry about a fallen father, and the Sabbat are rumored to have a few stragglers in the area as well. The Kindred in the town are all occupied with keeping their interests in tact, so much so that they may have missed another major player in the city; one that has been watching for a long time, and awaits the perfect moment to make it’s presence known.

Storyteller Notes/VSS Rules


Game evenings will begin at 7:00PM for social stuff/eating/administration/domain meetings, and actual game play will begin at 8:00PM. Everyone is expected to be in character, ready to play by 8:00. You are not required to show up at 7:00, but to earn full XP for the night, you must be ready to play and in character by 8:00. It is advised to show up no later than 7:45 to check in/have your character sheet looked over. If your character cannot make a game due to proxy or other reasons, you will be asked to NPC for the evening. This will help keep the game going with minimal OOC breaks. Everyone will be expected to participate in the game in some fashion if they attend the gathering.

Site fee: $2

Experience Points

Experience will be given at 7XP per game played, and 3XP for downtime actions. XP will be docked for tardiness (barring any emergencies/accidents of course, or work related tardiness). If you arrive late to game, the max XP you can earn for the night will be 3.

Player Expectations

  • Every player must have a copy of their character sheet at every game. Paper will be accepted, or if you have it saved to a tablet/laptop that will also be acceptable. No phones, please. If you show up without, you will be permitted to play based on the current sheet the database shows.
  • Every player is expected to have their character on the approvals database no later than the first game in July (first official game of the chronicle). No characters not on the database will be allowed in play.
  • Every player with a membership number is expected to be in good standing (paid up); you will not be permitted to attend gatherings/play characters without a paid membership. Trial Memberships are the only exception.
  • If your character requires approvals at any level, and is pending said approvals, the items up for approval will not come into play at any game before it is made official. If the item is Clan or Generation, the character cannot be played until it is officially approved by the appropriate ST level. For Path approvals, if it is not officially approved, you will be defaulted to Humanity should you choose to play the character.
  • Downtime actions must be documented through email, no exceptions.
  • In an effort to keep the game play immersive, excessive OOC disruptions will not be allowed. If the OOC conversation/disruptions happen multiple time an evening, there will be a warning given. If it continues, a docking of XP for the night. After that, the player(s) may be asked to leave.

Proxy Rules

Players wishing to Proxy into Baton Rouge are required to send email notification to the ST staff with at least 48 hours notice in order to give the staff time to read and respond Proxies that involve extensive interaction, or non combative but non consensual challenges with the domain or existing plotlines, or that last longer than a week may require the expenditure of a downtime action