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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

The Kindred known as T.S. Abrams first appeared on the Camarilla scene in the late 1890s in Colorado Springs. Formerly a disabled Union veteran and railroad baron, Abrams was part of a cadre of wealthy businessmen, developers, and entrepreneurs who helped fund the burgeoning city of Colorado Springs at the foot of Pike's Peak. He served as the city's Seneschal and Ventrue Primogen to the Luminary Elder Prince Anadia Hughes of Clan Malkavian for several years until assuming the mantle of Prince himself in 2017.

Among the Kindred of Colorado, he is known as a staunch supporter of the Camarilla and a consummate diplomat. He has worked dilligently to maintain peaceful relations with the Anarchs of Denver and Pueblo, even as some few vampires of those cities work to discredit him entirely.

Name: Trenton Seamus Abrams
Alias: T.S. Abrams
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 9th
Society: Camarilla
Dignitas: Esteemed
Position: Prince of Colorado Springs, CO
Fleeting Status:Favored of Charles Xerri, Elder and Ventrue Primogen of Colorado Springs

Notable Traits

  • Well-dressed with rough edges; looks for all the world like a mountain man in a suit.
  • Loyal childe of House Durandal
  • Gregarious yet reserved, reflective but impulsive
  • Prefers to rely on his wit and cunning rather than his Disciplines.
  • Has a strange devotion to the beliefs and ideals of the Camarilla to the exclusion of all other Kindred notions
  • Walks with a limp in his right leg due to an injury sustained in the American Civil War.

Lineage: House Durandal
Childe of Azure Durandal Chao
Childe of Roland Alexandros Carmichael
Childe of Servius Avitus Regulus
Childe of Lysander
Childe of Artemis Orthia
Childe of Ventru

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OOC Information

Player: Mykle McGovern US2002023275

Player Email: sciathrua@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jayme Wooster

Storyteller’s Email: csprings.masquerade@gmail.com

Location: Colorado Springs, CO