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Character Information

Name: Tachenef sat ne Kashet mewetis Iset
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Sire: Sekhem
Title or Position:

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The Sleeping Lord.


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64 c.e. Embraced By Sekhem.

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510 c.e. Travel around Europe for exploration purposes.

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1517 c.e. Tachenef travels around the Caribbean after talk of a new world reaches her.

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1718 c.e. Her first trip to the New World.

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1800 c.e. The fight against the French and English for Egyptian artifacts calls Tachenef Home.

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1900 c.e. Most nights are spent between the New World and Egypt from now to the present nights.


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She is building a temple under the Prince of Little Rock's nose.

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She doesn't own anything that runs on electricity.


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Come, sit next to me and tell me all about it. - Tachenef

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Who? That Heathen Settite with the name that sounds like a mouthful of consonants? I dont associate with her. - Reverend Gideon Haven

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Lady Taschenef will be coming so we want her to feel welcome, find me a hot rock and an elderly Ginea pig.- overheard at a gathering, Reverend Gideon Haven

OOC Information

Player: Becky B.
Membership Number: US2007060155
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
VST: Little Rock, VST

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