Tadeas Von Tilsit

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Tadeas Von Tilsit
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Domain: Seattle WA
Player: Trevor Mayes
VST: Seattle VST

Name:Tadeas Von Tilsit

Tadeas is a tall man, with a slim build who appears in his thirties. He is everything his blood should be: a warrior's soul anchored in warrior's body. He favors comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, and easily replaced. Unable to blend easily into larger cities, he sticks to the fringes of smaller ones such as Olympia.

Known to be a staunch supporter of the Ivory Tower, his loyalty there is only superceded by his unwavering loyalty to his Sire.

Tadeas is known to be quite talkative, even friendly, in demeanor. Approachable in a way that is not often found in elder gangrel.

"I am a soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight."
- General Patton
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  • Notable Trait

Born to a farming family in the town of Tilsit, Tadeas grew up a simple life thrust into the Army of Prussia in 1524, Tadeas was in the standing army that pushed back the invading Ottoman Empire and was mortally wounded on the field of battle where his sire Samson of Tyre found and Embraced him. Tadeas was left to his own devices for a few years and then when Samson of Tyre thought he had sufficiently learned how to survive on his own came to instruct the Fledgling Gangrel. Tadeas Excelled at hand to hand combat and was quickly utilized to assist in stomping any threats to his Sires wishes. Tadeas traveled with his Sire for a handful of years and then in 1560 was released to make his own way. Tadeas was a staunch supporter of the Camarilla and stayed for many years in the courts of Europe to assist in its defense. In 1725 Tadeas traveled to the Americas and settled in the Pacific Northwest and established a hunting ground around the area that is now known as Olympia Wa which he patrolled for around 100years. In 1895 Tadeas went into Torpor and stayed in torpor until 2011 when he woke to a world much changed. He contacted his Family and with their assistance assimilated to the Modern Nights. Perhaps he will look to Help the Camarilla once more in these troubled times, only time will tell.

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  • Tadeas is an Infernal Hunter
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