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Commonly Known Information

Name: Tag

Notable Traits: meh

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Adamantine Arrow


Irish. Carries a sword.


  • "T-Tag is a really nice guy, even if he doesn't look like it at first. He's just been through a lot, and n-needs to get to know people at his own pace. J-just be patient; his f-friendship is worth it." - Spindle
    • "So, um, let me try this again. Tag was the one who brought me out of my shell when I was a teenager. He t-taught me how to use a sword and stop p-pitying myself. Finding out that he was a wizard was amazing, b-but what's really important is how much he cares, even when he pretends he doesn't. I'm still not sure if he's my teacher or friend, b-but that's okay, because we have each other's backs. Also, he knows where to get really amazing Irish stew, and his teleporting is wicked, wicked cool. Um. There isn't anyone I trust more than him right now except maybe my dad."
  • "Who? Oh yes. No, I don't really have an opinion on Tag. For his part, though, I'm pretty sure that's on purpose." - Lester W Abraham
  • "Tag is a wise ally, and when he speaks you should listen closely." - Grimnir
  • "Tag is a fellow soldier that I wish we had met under better circumstances. I feel there is much I could have learned from him if circumstances had been different." - Regan
  • "Just as you are not completely a man, I'm not completely a monster." - Mara
  • "Tag looks out for Spindle, which I'm endlessly thankful for, my adorable little pink bork-bork needs someone close by to watch over him. Tag himself is... jaded would be the wrong word, but he instinctively bears a grudge it seems, he's not a bad person, he just... seems to think the worst of some people sometimes. Still though, he has a strong sense of duty, and I'd trust him wholly if needed." - Eliza
  • "Smart in a fight. Easy on the eyes. And it's always nice to hear a bit of home on the tongue." - Rowena
  • "He's good at his job and seems amiable, which in the end... is 90% of what I care about. We'd have to share a pint or two or five before I can say much more, only met him briefly." - Pharos
  • "We'll never be friends, and that suits him just fine. I think it likely pisses him off that we work well together, too. My only hope is that, someday, he can forgive himself. Maybe we can talk then. That's something I'll hold out hope for, I think. In the meantime? Yeah, I try to leave well enough alone." - Susarahm
  • "I appreciate his taciturn discretion; makes it easier to trust him the next time things go quietly off the rails." - Flynn
  • "It's unfortunate that he sees me as a threat, despite not asking to be what I am. I am sure he's good at his job too, but his prejudice is one that keeps me pushed away." - Drake


  • None of your business.
  • The robocall of mages.
  • He caused the 2019 flood of Puget Sound.

Play List

OOC Information

Player: Lindsey Douglas

Player Email: saudilindsey4@gmail.com

Storyteller: Tobias Gurl

Storyteller Email: seattle.codx.vst@gmail.com

Location: Seattle, WA