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Haizeacrest.jpeg Domain: Phoenix, AZ
Contact Player: Colleen K (US2017050043)
VST: Phoenix, AZ Masq VST

Name: Tails
Clan: Brujah
House: Haizea
Generation: Neonate
Sect: Anarch
Status: Accepted in the Anarch Movement
Sire: POST (npc)
Broodmate: Elliot Mae Northrup
Notable: One eye

Things to know

Timeline & Info
  • Born in London, sometime between 1900-1910 (she thinks)
  • Embraced while stowing away on a boat to the states sometime in the 1920s (she thinks)
  • (Spent some time in a box, she's pretty sure. She doesn't remember much of the next few decades...
  • Hopped a train out west in the 1960s
  • Settled in Phoenix, fought in the crusades to keep the Sabbat out of the city
  • (Probably spent some more time in a box. They're cozy?)
  • 2017 - 2018 - Phoenix Keeper of Elysium
  • Currently helps the Scourge (a job she enjoy much more)

  • Tails spends her nights in bars, clubs, or wandering with local street gangs
  • She's fiercely loyal to her friends and will fight for them without question.


  • Tails has a twin sister named Heads
  • She lost her eye in a fight against the Sabbat while taking out a high-ranking pack leader
  • She doesn't know exactly how old she is
  • Tails finished a blood hunt by peeing on the criminal and kicking his ashes around. She didn't know there was a blood hunt, she just really didn't like him.
  • The coin she flips before big decisions is really a trick coin -- no one's that impulsive and still alive.
  • She once tried to "obfuscate" for the Nosferatu by diving behind a table.
  • Her vest is grungy because it's stained with dead Tzimisce gore that she refused to wash for a month. Our senses of smell appreciate Dominate.
  • Tails has a tail.
  • Tails has a boyfriend called Sonic.
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  • "YOOO This is my KIDD!!! I hear she the justicar now I'm a proud fuckin' papa even if it's the fuckin' tower whatever!" - POST
  • Tails... is everything that it is to be impulsive and exceptionally lucky. I do hope she curbs some of that behavior, before the luck runs out in her charmed life. - Jozef Prinz
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OOC Information

Theme Songs: [P!NK - I Am Here]