Taisija Dovidans

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Taisija Dovidans

Glory to the Dark Father and those who follow His path.

Taisija blood.jpg

The Details

Name: Taisija Dovidans
Clan: Tremere Antitribu (Telyav)
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Orthodox
Pack: Mystics

  • Bishop of Spirituality
  • Priest of the Mystics



  • Accepted as a True Sabbat
  • Anointed as a keeper of the Book of Nod


  • Blessed as the Bishop of Spirituality
  • Ordained as the priest of The Mystics


  • Battle-Scarred by the word of Blessed Thurasin

Known to the Community

Taisija is a devout, orthodox priest who cares for one thing: the spiritual well-being of her flock. She involves herself in politics only to keep the religious passion for Caine burning in the unfeeling hearts of every Cainite of the Sword. Anything that lessens the worship of the Dark Father will draw her ire, be it in-fighting between factions or war from outside the Sabbat.

Notable Traits


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  • She seems awfully uncaring about Loyalist recruiting efforts.
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Comments / Quotes

  • "Sister Taisija has much passion for our Dark Father. I only hope she utilizes that passion to guide the spiritual journey of the Diocese as well as her pack, never allowing one to become more important than the other in her delicate balance of duty." - Zână
  • "Taisjja is a Cainite of devotion and sincerity. I will watch with reverence her continued journey for the sword." - Vox Umbra

Inspiration & Influences

Taisija Dovidans

Clan: Telyav
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Austin, Texas
Player: Sarah Wright
VST: Kevin Whiteside