Take out the Take-away

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Take Out the Take-Away

A simple evening started out with noise from a nearby party that drew some attention. When it was discovered who the caterer was it had to be stopped somehow. There was the talk of the direct way with causing a drunken fight, knocking food tables flying, exploding food vans, and lots of pyrotechnic disruptions. As that would be too much like a Fianna party it was decided a more subtle way was worth a try first.

Erecul Tophroi, Flawless Yu, You Sneaky Bastard and I moved into our chosen roles and positions to make the plan and back up plan work if needed.

YSB sneaking into position to take out the van, Flawless and I to talk to and persuade the van owner to stop cooking and give over his meat products and take out the take-away. Erecul to be the authority noble figure to prove it was not a student prank to the guards, while secretly tracking down the wyrm taint if it was present, which it was.

Quickly removing the raw and cooked meat products, right down to the half-eaten burgers of the plates, we bid goodbye and promised a cheque in the post for compensation. The products to be cleansed and burnt later by Mira off-site.

Now armed with the address of the new warehouse obtained from the party and a little more planning beforehand the new team were ready to go check out the location of the tainted meat factory. Erecul tagged out for Tameka and Peace Maker to come with us for ranged support. Flawless Yu and YSB for close fighting and sneaking into the factory. Myself for back-up and reporting.

The warehouse was in an industrial park area. Mostly pavement and streets. Electrified fencing surrounding and dead trees around some of the outside areas. Security lighting and Cameras in various locations around the building, with a guard at the gate entrance. These were all needing to be dealt with before we could get inside. They were the easier aspects YSB found on his scouting.


The yellow squares were the security cameras. Come on, I’m not an artist, I’m an author, it’s the best picture you will get from me.

Combining our security knowledge we assessed the security system as moderate. The fixed one directional security cameras and equipment looked dated and not very heightened. Nevertheless, it still worked.

Disguising ourselves as a cross between Robin Hood and the SAS, we crept closer. Linking our minds, shutting down the electric fence and shooting out the rear cameras in a shower of sparks with a well-placed arrow or two. Springing over the inert fencing, some being more athletic than others thus avoiding embarrassing snagged trousers on razor-barbed wire top. Scampering across the roofline to take out the front cameras while having cover from outside the fence observers for a wider view. We were smoking hot slick. It was about halfway through this ‘Plan’ we hit a snag unseen till then.

As we watched, seemingly in slow motion, one of us inside the compound, and two others balanced atop the fence ready to leap forward, and two of us still waiting to climb. They came at us. Two very large, very ugly, very mutated, ichor dripping from gleaming fangs, very wet and stinking, the very wyrm tainted guard ‘hounds’. “OH SHIT!” went through a number of our minds at this point, unsure which one of us said it or thought it but a sentiment we could all agree on.

The Hounds were running towards Flawless as being the first inside, bounding on him very swiftly to close the distance. Initially looking like a Doberman breed of dog, soon becoming clear they were more than that. Their ears were too large and the fur on their backs looked wrong, almost like a hardened caked black shell over the fur. As they snarled in hate their snouts drip with a sickly green poison. Their eyes gleaming green in the dim parking lot lights. Their intentions towards us as being innocent intruders were clear. We didn’t wait to see if a doggy treat would help make us friends. These 5/5 full blown Famori Hounds were not having us for their snacks.

Backing up for a better shot, Flawless moves quickly after his blessing from Luna. Peace Maker draws her bow to knock an arrow and then aims at the Famori Filth. The creature is struck with the arrow as it curves beautifully over the fence. It hits its mark but seemed to make little to no effect at this stage.

Did I mention it was raining by now? Well, it was and THUNDER echoed across the open sky, rain getting heavier… making under foot treacherously slippy, and visibility near impossible. Just what we needed ‘thank you so much’ Grandfather Thunder.

YSB stands his ground, after getting off the fence. He quickly draws his dagger, and it begins to glow a faint green as he activates the fetish. Activated, goodly green glow fighting sickly green ichor, shifting to Glabro waiting for the fight to be close quarters.

Tameka draws her bow full strength, aim at the one already hit to try and reduce a combatant. She fires into the hound and hits. The green-black puss oozes out of its side, a sign some damage is starting to take effect.

SNARLING with rage and leaping at their closest target, both towards YSB, who dances deftly away from their snapping jaws.

Flawless draws back the bow again on the injured hound as it snarls and snaps at YSB. The arrow finds its mark deeply piercing the hide. The third strike the charm. The creature staggers and goes down and starts to oddly convulse.

A little unexpectedly the fallen hound explodes, in a squishy soggy splash like a shitbag being stepped on at trick or treat time kind of way. A trick we could have done without. It’s poisonous tainted blood flying in all directions. Flawless and Tameka being out of range, YSB managed to dodge the chunks and spraying Ichor but Peace Maker and I were hit with fleshy lumps and droplets of acidic blood through the fence. It burned deeply bubbling on our flesh, sizzling and melting us just as the linked fence slowly began to melt. I had a few choice curses to say about this. I will let you insert the ones you feel most appropriate, so I don’t offend our younger readers or listeners.

The other hound obviously knowing what to expect managed to avoid the bits of its exploding fallen packmate. Pulling the hole bigger in the melting fence, I wanted a bit of payback pain to it, to say the least. The fight not over we moved our attention to the remaining filthy hound, Peace Maker getting her revenge sooner than I could, with another arrow well aimed. Getting in the first strike again, but shrugged off with the unnatural armour of its hide.

YSB flourishes his dagger and goes for a stab at the neck. Thinking how good armour would be about now, YBS skin gets rough too with a little gnosis expenditure. His dagger sinks home in the doggie’s gross flesh. A final finishing arrow to the eye is delivered with pinpoint precision from Tameka and the creature is done, save for the convulsing and exploding parts. AHA, not fooled a second time, Oh No Boyo!

Let me hear a HELL YEAH for our warriors!

Clean up is a bitch, long and boring and not glorious even if needed. The rest of the night was spent keeping the veil, cleaning the site, arranging disposal of tainted bodies and meat alike. Fully cleaning the site of wyrm Taint. Thanks go to the above mentioned as well as Jarl Olsen, Keeva, Mira and Tillie for their timely arrival to help with the messy cleanup. Anything else, the spirits have enough to say about it but the warning is, be careful what and how you kill, lest you become what you fight. Somethings just have to be done.

The above I speak as true to my memory,

I am
Naomi "Ancestral Wisdom" O'Mannion
Galliard Talesinger of Oak Vale
Athro, Born of Fianna, Bitten into the Nation


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OOC: Craft 5 Author if you are reading the tale.

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