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This is an NPC under the control of the San Diego C/A/I VST's office
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“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
John A. Shedd


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Alenzia is the last surviving member of an order of Cainite (that's what we called ourselves, don't look at me like that. It wasn't always a bad word) Knights known as the Order of the Talon. She was embraced two weeks after the fall of Constantinople (now Istanbul) to the invading Ottoman empire when trying to help her neighbors and family flee - her husband was struck down and she took up his blade untrained to defend people while on the road to Venice. She felled one soldier before being killed herself, and her sire in a bid to save her gave her his vitae to ghoul her... unfortunately he was a few minutes late to that party, and thus she was embraced. She has a reputation for sticking to her ideals unwaveringly, and is not shy about calling out those who do not.

Her "legal" name is Alenzia Komnenos, though many call her "Talon" - a nod to the Order of the Talon, the knightly order she was made a part of during the 1500s. As the last surviving member she is, by default, the leader of the order - who was traditionally given the title of "Talon". These nights that significance has been lost to most, though any who ask what the nickname means will often receive a rather impassioned story about her past, or at least one of several anecdotes involving falconry.

Time Line

  • June 6th 1453 - Slain while trying to help protect fleeing Saxons on the road between Constantinople and Venice after seeing her husband struck down in front of her and picking up his blade.
  • June 20th 1453 - A fortnight later, sworn as a squire to Jebediah of Inglewood. The Saxons are at war, and it is time for the fledgling to sink or swim.
  • 1454 - Travels with the Order of the Talon, a group of kindred knights to fight in the Anarch Revolt on the side of the Anarchs.
  • 1460s - Meets a Gangrel named Emish in Northern Europe while disguising herself as a man & fighting with the Order. The two strike up a camaraderie in the trenches when she finds herself cut off from her company for several months when the knights are all called back to their sovereign for new orders. They keep in touch over the years, frequently winding up fighting in the same wars and living around the same cities.
  • 1480s - Travels north while fighting in the Anarch Revolt only to stumble upon those fighting in the Omen Wars - helping where she can to aid those fighting against oppression there as well.
  • 1494 - Settles in The Netherlands where she remains until the 1600s when not out on campaign with the Order, usually posing as a merchant or soldier's wife. She is prone to leaving the city for years at a time to go out on campaign and hone her fighting skill, though she always comes back.
  • 1501 - Knighted in the Order of the Talon on the tail of the death of the head of the order. Over the next century and a half, the company takes heavy losses.
  • 1660 - Moves to New Amsterdam (later to be renamed New York), with the intent to protect the Quakers. Their way of life is not her own, but she feels their fight for religious freedoms is one she can respect all the same. She lives along the Eastern Seaboard for years, following where there are oppressed people in need of protection.
  • 1752 - Embraces Alexander Temple during the French and Indian War in Virginia.
  • 1861 - During an ill-fated infiltration mission, her life is saved by a Cam-aligned Ventrue (unnamed - possible PC tie) who reaps a Life Boon from her, much to her chagrin.
  • 1890 - present: Works as a Railroader, helping members of other sects who wish to join the movement, or at least escape their current situation. Known to frequently scrap with the Sabbat in particular.
  • 1897 - Settles in Southern California, specifically San Diego, after the rush settles down. She is a passionate advocate for the rights of the immigrants coming to the area, and is prone to protecting the "underclass" whenever possible, including giving away most of her own material wealth to try to better their circumstances.
  • 1917 - Embraces Lupo, and is almost immediately forced to relinquish him to a Cam-aligned Ventrue (unnamed - possible PC tie) in exchange for the Life Boon owed.
  • 1980s- 1999 - Talon works to lead fighting unit to defend the city against the Sabbat and other threats until the blood accords are signed.
  • 1999 - 2017 - She disappears from the public eye for a few decades with little warning. Rumor has it, she'd struck a serious blow against the Sabbat and went underground to protect her family while she was being hunted by a sabbat pack.
  • 2008 - While breaking up a human trafficking ring, finds Sage Ashwin mortally wounded after fighting back against her captors and embraces her.
  • 2017 - Re-emerges in the public eye.
  • May 2018 - San Diego is formally re-acknowledged as a Free State, making the area a Tri-held domain shared with the Camarilla and Independent Alliance. Alenzia is selected as Advocate.
  • April 2019 - Alenzia steps down as Advocate of San Diego in the wake of a rash of attacks by infernalists in the area, choosing to focus her efforts on rooting them out after being targeted by several.


Anarch Movement "Status"

  • Committed as a member of the Anarch Movement
  • Courteous by Popular Acclaim in San Diego (Fleeting)
  • Honorable by Popular Acclaim in San Diego (Fleeting)
  • Loyal from Diego Amador, Advocate of Kansas City (Fleeting)
  • Hardcore from Tank, Constable of Los Angeles (Fleeting)
  • Triumphant from clearing out a hive of Infernalists (8/2019)


Rumors, lies and half truths

  • Her eldest progeny joined the Camarilla and the second she hasn't spoken to in a century. Clearly her youngest is her favorite.
  • Keeps up with modern music almost obsessively, might actually be a Toreador with Potence?
  • Her sire's disappearance isn't an accident - he was in over his head with something.
  • One time she punched a Lasombra so hard she knocked his jaw clean off. He liked it.
  • She owes a blood boon to a Gargoyle.
  • Talon is being actively hunted by a Sabbat pack.
  • Owned a Speakeasy in Chicago.
  • Callously sold one of her childer to a Ventrue to repay a debt.
  • She owns a racehorse.
  • Believes cell phones work based on "Very small carrier pigeons".
  • If you ever see her wearing a flower crown, run.
  • Reads her childer bedtime stories for their first year under the night.
    • Except that one guy. Sad face.
  • She's not mad at you, she's just disappointed.
  • Totally a hopeless romantic.
    • Or so she'd have you believe. She is an Elder, after all...


Through the eyes of her peers

  • "Talon: A victim of circumstances, with a passionate streak. Prone to outbursts, but ultimately benevolent. Assessment: Ally." - Coil
  • "I got a'lo' o' old frien's, buh Talon's up ther as one o tha oldes'. Tough lass, tha' one, she's been 'round a few fights in 'er time and ain't ta be unda 'stimaated. I jus' hope tha ta o us don end up on the wron' side o each otha a' no poin'. No' postiv' I'd walk away from tha' in one piece." - Emish
  • "Wise, focused, and tempered. A true warrior scholar of our clan, and one I am pleased to make the acquaintance of. The one regret is that our paths had not crossed sooner." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "One of the best leaders I've ever been fortunate to stand beside and disobey. Constantly." - Mendoza
  • "From what I know of the Anarch Movement, she seems to have her shit together. Good." - Pilar Pisanob
  • "The first time I met her she told me she was my great-great grandsire and I asked her for a DNA test to prove it. Our relationship has only gotten better from there." - Marianne Dashwood
  • "Zia isn't an Old Dog, she is a wise pup. Lots of good centuries left in her." - Anson Argyle
  • "A Brujah with a healthy temperament should be feared these nights. My grandsire is always fair, despite our disagreements." - Vic
  • "She's an elder that mostly gets it. There will always be small disagreements between friends, of course." - Leon Harris
  • "I don't think I've ever known a Brujah as cultured and genteel, nor as much of a fucking pain in the ass until I met the Talon. She's certainly made my nights interesting... It will be a pity when our game ends." - Serafino Morreti
  • "An Elder of the Movement and a delight to boot. I look forward to many more conversations with the Mother of the Learned." Emmett Legrasse
  • "May you find your inner peace." Feng Bai Hu
  • "I think she's cool. Not all up herself like most Elders I met. She reminds me of my Sire." Janie
  • "I already like her. That's dangerous for others, and I am content with that." Mila Rurik
  • "Few Kindred have known me so well as Alenzia, and fewer still are there that I trust to discuss my own issues regarding morality and the mercurial nature of mankind, especially as compared to the relatively stagnant nature of Kindred. Speak with her. You will find yourself drawn in, as we all do, for hers is a depth of character and a wealth of soul unlike the majority of her brethren." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "I haven't spent too much time talking with Advocate Komnemos - or the Duchess of Salt and Sass - but she has Marianne's trust, and that extends to me. The body politic of San Diego is varied and generally at odds, but she has been a uniting force amongst the Anarchs which causes me some pause. Amongst us monsters, she is a sliver of what we once were." - The Lord Marshal Doctor Conner Villanueva-93, M.D., Ph.D
  • "I had the honor to encounter the Advocate at a meeting of respected members of my Clan. After a very brief time, it was readily apparent why she was counted among them. Hers is ever a voice of reason, and those of either Tower or Movement could do worse than to heed its words." Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir
  • "I love Zia in a "it'll never happen but damn would it be hot" kinda way. She's a good friend and her sass level rivals mine, so be careful if you try to mince words with her." Lucius Brown
  • “Vigorous. Delightfully, deliciously, vigorous.” Johann Prinz, When asked to describe Talon
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Public Details

Name: Alenzia Komnenos
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
Title: "Sir, or Talon, technically. Just call me Alenzia."
Generation: Pretender Elder
Embraced: 1453, near Constantinople
Apparent Age: 20s? 30s?
Sire Jebediah of Inglewood (npc)

OOC Information

Player: NPC
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Gabe Fortes
Contact: San Diego C/A/I VST

Known Family Line

No Formal Lineage Known


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Credit For Above: Gravity Doll


Credit For Above: KZ Art