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Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Tamsin "Tammy" Brown
Deed Name: Tills the Wyrm
Tribe: Uktena
Auspice: Galliard
Camp: Redeemers of the Bitter Frost
Rank: Adren
Pack: Alpha of The Adopted
Sept: Sept of Unearthed Silver, Talesinger
Right of Acceptance?: Yes
Appearance: In Homid form: Tammy is a woman in her early 30s. Her skin is tanned and rough from being outside in the sun, her hair is straight and deep brown, almost black. She often wears Miss Me jeans, flannel or plaid shirts and cowboy boots out in public. Caught on her ranch, Tammy wears t-shirts and work jeans with steel-toes boots. She often has her hair in a ponytail or under a baseball hat. She doesn't wear any makeup. She has permanent acid-burn marks on her hands and arms.

In Lupus Form: Tammy is a scrawny wolf with dusty brown fur, though in her larger form she grows to be larger and more bristly than she looks like she should be capable of at first.





Born: 1986, Homid-born to a family of Kinfolk who had settled away from other packs and Septs at a solitary ranch in Fort Collins
Tammy grows up simultaneously brilliant and developmentally challenged. She speaks little, and usually slowly- unless she's talking about things she's fascinated by.
1996- Around the age of 10, Tammy is pulled out of school and homeschooled by her Kinfolk family
2001- First Change: 15 years old. Her Kinfolk family invite a Uktena relative in to teach Tammy how to Garou, knowing her social ineptitude. He takes her on lots of trips, teaches her well.
During her tutelage, Gets the Deed Name Tills-The-Wyrm as a backhanded insult about her obsessive nature about understanding the Wyrm.
2006- At the age of 20, Tammy and her Mentor have a fight and she sends him away, she returns full-time to her family in Fort Collins
2011- Takes over the family ranch when they decide to move, to go be with a dying relative decides to live alone and continue to study the Wyrm in order to better combat it's current sickness
2016- Tammy meets Rao and Zohar, running into them looking into the Uktena caern down south. She offers Rao some of her land in Fort Collins for territory in exchange for letting her join their pack.
2017- (31 years old)Tammy joins the Sept of Unearthed Silver along with her packmates, though continues to keep largely to herself

Notable Contributions

  • Tamsin mind webbed with Emptiness of Stars, an Elder Black Spiral Dancer, and was safely able to get information and get out.
  • In the quest to find the ritual that bound Eater-of-Souls, Tamsin gained the burn scars on her hands and arms by holding a Wyrm-corrupted sea turtle down in the Umbra, so that her quest-mates could safely cleanse it in order to learn more about the ritual.
  • Survived the Quest for the Binding Ritual, helping to heal the warriors of Gaia to survive entering and fighting in the Midnight Land
  • Sang the story of the Binding Rite to the Nation
  • Won the favor of Athena in Mount Olympus
  • Traded a life of service to Hera in exchange for saving the life of her Master of Challenge of her Sept, Jack Kazuki.
  • Assisted in taking down the Kraken, healing Pueblo in the process
  • Became Talesinger of the Sept of Unearthed Silver in 2019

Known Associates



"Dialect is an indication of upbringin', not intellect."

"We don't getta choose the moon we're born under. You ain't the first person to call me a mistake, and you ain't gonna be the last."

"Tamsin is probably one of my best friends. And I only have two of those, id you include her. Four if you count spirits. She's the first person to actually listen to me since my aunt Layla. I think she's going to accomplish amazing things for Gaia."
-Danior Western, Bone Gnawer Theurge

"We'd known each other before as acquaintances, but joining a Destiny Pack in our search for a way to defeat Kraken meant I got to know her as a friend. When she made a hard decision that caused her anguish, I found myself willing to do whatever it took to help her in her time of strife. That is family, the first I've known outside my own Tribe."
-Jonathan "The Bard" McBride

"I do not call her Big sister lightly, she has earned that from me with her actions" - Waits Like Thunder

"Curiosity well-disciplined is a gift. Stand near enough to her, and listen. You will benefit from it." - Ice Sky Dreams

" A country girl with similar ideals to mine. Now, to get her a proper hat..." - Night's Keres, aka Kal


  • Tammy can complete the chores for an entire ranch in about three hours time.
  • So much alone time on the ranch has made Tamsin nearly feral. She certainly acts like it.
  • Tamsin amuses Uktena
  • When Tamsin made the deal with Hera to leave her pack and make a new one dedicated to the goddess, her inconsolable howl nearly incapacitated all of those within hearing range


Character Playlist

Tamsin's Spotify
Ain't No Grave by Crooked Still
Oh Darlin' What Have I Done by The White Buffalo
Snake Song by Isobel Campbell
In Hell I'll Be Good Company by The Dead South

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VST Contact: Conor Sexton

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