Tanith Bone Gnawer

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Kneecap and Tanith.

Name: Tanith "Lap Dog"

Tribe: Bone Gnawer

Rank: Fostern

Notable Traits: Wears a lot of "borrowed" or "found" clothes. Trouble seems to follow her like an imprinted duckling.

Pack: Mudhole Stompers

Sept: Den Mother of Sept of the Bayou's Blessing


Tanith lives by the creed of the Bone Gnawers: Mother Rat provides. While unconcerned with material wealth, she is adept with computers and nimble with fingers.


  • Tanith once brought a human into the caern by accident. Tanith has a lot of accidents.
  • She got her deed name because she used to perform lap dances for money.
  • Insert your rumor here!


  • "Tanith is my tribal sister and I would stand by her through anything. Dude, she ragabashes so hard, even the Nuwisha is impressed." - Kneecap
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OOC Information

Player: Cat S.
Email: Cat's Email
VST: Dave M.
Location: Houston, TX