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Status= Luminary
Domain=Tri-Cities, WA
Contact Info =Evonne Traffanstedt
VST =Jacob Kestner

LogoVampireAnkh.png Information Known by Kindred Society

Originally from the city of Edessa in what is modern-day Turkey, Tannesh has roamed the globe seeking out hints of other realms. She has only truly settled down in the last few centuries, employing her lineage to do some of the work she herself once did. Currently, she resides in the Tri-Cities, WA.

Tannesh retains many of the beliefs of her pagan roots. A former worshiper of a Sumerian goddess of contracts, she has spoken of the eternal struggle between order and chaos, and the need for the balance between them. She has harsh words (and it is rumored, more) for those who would break oaths, boons, or formal agreements of any kind.

LogoVampireAnkh.png Status

Abiding Status

  • Prominent as a Luminary Elder.
  • Confirmed as an Elder.
  • Privileged as an Elder.
  • Established as an Elder.

Fleeting Status

LogoVampireAnkh.png House Isharu left  House Isharu






Other Descendants:

LogoVampireAnkh.png Rumors

She was born so long ago that she can no longer remember being mortal.
She spent centuries in Europe seeking out and attempting to debunk Christian "miracles".
She is obsessed with the concept of portals to other dimensions.

LogoVampireAnkh.png Quotes

  • "In my passion, I sought the edges of my world, where monsters and magics dwell. In finding Tannesh I found something better than what I sought, though it took me longer than it should have, to realize. " - Huld
  • "Were we similar before, or were we shaped after? An interesting question, but what matters is that we are what we are meant to be, and in that we give praise." - Axis
  • "Balance, a paradoxical term at best, is all that has ever separated us. Perhaps when she's seen enough times, that balance is an illusion and an ideal based solely upon perspective, we will see eye to eye. From the perspective of a predator, balance is simply choosing which creature not to eat." - Sokar
  • "No one argues better than Mommy Dearest. God....nobody tell her I called her that!"- Gabriel
  • "Such is it that creates. It too can destroy." Gaius had occasion to say to no one in particular in the Court. - Gaius Fane
  • "A fellow scholar with an inquisitive mind who appreciates a good performance as much as I do. That makes Tannesh a special kind of Kindred, one that I'm pleased to have met." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "I walk in darkness, for SHE is my light."- Linea
  • "She takes notice; when you want her to and when you don't. If you're exceedingly Lucky, she might appreciate what she notices." - 3chelon
  • "My great-grand sire. I feel rather small and young and unformed around her. But it is good to have a family, and to know that our script is in the hands of an attentive and skillful director" - Brenda Bittersea
  • "Your Quote Here." - You


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"Good fortune calls for organization and wisdom."
- Sumerian Proverb