Tantra club

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Club History

Lotusmarker.png Owner: Victor Vidal entrepreneur of the arts of the flesh.
Lotusmarker.png Established in the High society region as a distinguished club catering to the desires of both genders.
Lotusmarker.png Known for it's discreetness of patron privacy.

Club Policy Waiver

Lotusmarker.png We are a discreet business to provide a safe and enjoyable outlet for adult entertainment,however we reserve the right to revoke any service that endangers our entertainers. Private rooms upon request.
Lotusmarker.png We hold to strict policy up to and including arrest and eviction off the station for damages to any of our entertainers and property.
Lotusmarker.png What happens in our club stays in our club. Under no circumstances do we permit uncivil behavior around the grounds of our property.

Entertainment Highlights

300px-Jack.widea.jpg 9cd0af6969e85de656cc8d2fc743d9c7.jpg Belly0031.jpg Fb6b9cd308e26af139dc5b296963fe19.jpg


Please do not abuse this location. The Code of Conduct is in effect with this location in terms of subject matter of the sexual nature. Under no circumstances should any actions of abuse or assault be part of role play. The PC owner of this club is under no obligation to RP out sexy times. Fade to black. This is also not an IC location to gather and play at unlike the other locations due to the nature of the environment that may cause issues of discomfort for players. Downtime is your mantra for this place.