Tashina Coblenz

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Name:Tashina Colbenz
Fera Type: Bastet
Pyrio: Dusk
Tribe: Qualmi
Breed: Homid
Rank: Adren
Sept: Sept of Warrior's Wisdom, Phoenix, AZ
Pack: TBD

Concept: Fetish obsessed grave robber
Hobbies: Late nights, reading, dead bodies...the usual...
Areas of Interest: Occult, Forensics, Anatomy, Archaeology, Anthropology, Epidemiology
Born: Gander, Newfoundland
Job: Florist
Family: Raised by Bone Gnawer kinfolk, but doesn't keep in touch

#1: She's too mean to be Canadian.
#2: She sure likes digging around graves a lot...might be too close to the Wyrm
#3: She has two Auspices.
#4: She eats people.


#1: "Like most cats, she has a knack for showing up in places you're not expecting her. Like all Bastet, she knows more than you realize. She is a great example of why we need the other Changing Breeds to join us in our fight for Gaia. Besides, she's going to end up where you're going even if you refuse her. Especially if you refuse her. You ever tried to tell a cat no?" Eric Solomon

Out of Character Information