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Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Name: Tech Support

Notable Traits: Many tattoos and face piercings. 'Love' symbol behind her ear. Mechanical heart on the left and umbra symbol on the right collarbone. Red hair.

Rank: Adren

Tribe: Glasswalker

Pack: Begs the Question

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Sept of the Found
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Tech Support was born as a human named Marigold in 1991. She had her first unexpected change in 2005. After years of working with the Nation and learning the things she had missed out on, she was named Cliath and given her deed name for managing to make technology function properly in the umbra. In 2013, she reached the rank of Fostern and joined the Sept of the Found, working with them quietly and exploring, which she is wont to do.

It's well known that she is curious, particularly where diverging paths are concerned, and she enjoys looking around new places, even when it can get her into trouble. The ever changing paths of the umbra draw her interest.

She is affiliated with the weaver.


  • "She is a capable theurge. Unfortunate that her servitude to the Weaver will contribute only to the continued sterilization of the world and the enslavement of mankind." -- Rødefingre
  • "She keeps giving me stuff that I'm not supposed to eat. But her face is shiny!" - Steals-The-Shiny
  • "Reliable ... but oh my fucking god she needs to hurry up!" - Say It To My Face
  • "Some would imply that appearances are deceiving, but I stand firm in the belief that Tech is everything one could ask for. While nature and technology do not always go hand-in-hand, she finds reasons. And for that, she has my respect." Ava Douglas


  • She once led a team that smashed a demonic internet modem to bits
  • She has affinity for Otter

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Helwig

Player Email:

Storyteller: Tisha Looker

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Location: NRV, Virginia