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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Teeth

Notable Traits: Unrelentingly optimistic. A very plain speaker. Always wants to help.

Pack: The Protect-hers

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: 6 Mile Slough/Name TBD


Teeth (center) with some new friends

The young wolf's pack traveled across Bavaria, between Munich and Frankfurt. They avoided the cities and small towns, and the pack taught him that humans were dangerous. But the young wolf was curious, and he was strong, so he would sometimes venture too close. Their hard ground felt strange under his feet, and the structures they made of stone and trees were fun to explore. A human shot him once, but he wasn't too angry. They were trying to protect their cubs, even though the young wolf only wanted to play. And he was strong, so the wound to his leg healed.

He knew that some of his extended family could turn into a human. He knew they smelled different. Stronger. He always wanted to play and fight with them. But he didn't learn about Garou society until he changed in 2014 during his second winter.

A boar had cornered one of the new, small cubs. The young wolf tried to help, but more boars tried to stop him. An elder later told him that the boars still hold a grudge. The small cub was going to die, so the young wolf attacked the boars. The change scared the small cub, but it scared the boars more. Two of them ran away. The other two did not.

The young wolf's pack introduced him to the Garou, and they taught him how to be one of them. He missed his pack but found a new one that was almost as good. Soon they tested him, and he killed several wyrm-spawn for the sept. They named him Teeth, and he taught the other young garou how to be strong and how to fight. He was always good at looking after the little ones.

Altair arrived the next year. She was looking for allies and told a story about a place in a swamp that needed help. The young ones had become strong with Teeth's help, and Teeth asked to go back to Florida with Altair. But since he was still Cliath the sept wouldn't let him go so far for so long.

Right then and there Teeth challenged the Wyrm Foe. Teeth had heard rumors that a vampire lived in a nearby palace. Teeth had been hounding the Wyrm Foe about attacking, but he had done nothing for weeks. The Wyrm Foe tasked Teeth with bringing him proof of the vampire.

So Teeth scouted through the umbra, where there were many banes around the palace. He found the vampire and watched him drain a human, the bury them. It was all Teeth could do to keep from attacking, but the Wyrm Foe said they needed evidence to attack such a well-known place. Teeth exhumed the body and brought it back to the Sept, along with a handful of ashes. They called him Fostern, and Teeth bit off the Wyrm Foe's hand to avenge the human the vampire had killed.

Teeth left with Altair. He missed both of his old packs. But Teeth and Altair became fast friends. Their pack grew as they traveled and reached Florida. Then the real work began.

First, Teeth and one of his packmates, along with some other members of the Sept, went across the swamp to help a place called Miami plant their Caern seed. They fought to protect the Theurges while the swamp birthed corrupted creatures at them, including a snake nearly the size of a human house.

Then they went north to a place called Atlanta. Teeth and his friends killed dozens of vampires, clearing part of the periphery and stopping a new broken land from forming. The vampires were cunning and tried to turn Teeth against his pack. They succeeded, but Teeth destroyed them before he attacked his pack. They knew Teeth and got him to unleash his rage on himself instead of killing his pack mates.

Now Teeth and his pack, The Protect-hers, have settled in Southwest Florida, where there was once a sept. Their goal is to work with the other packs in the area to re-establish a sept, but there are many powerful wyrm creatures that must first be destroyed.

Teeth was excited.

Excitement soon turned to frustration. The area was riddled with Wyrm Taint, and Teeth was ready to take the fight to the enemy. But the alpha advised patience. The rest of the area's shifters were determined to find an untainted space to start a new sept. He grudgingly obeyed for several months. He eventually found a place that was still affiliated with the Wyld, but it had recently suffered a horrible fire. Instead of finding and punishing the source of the fire, the other Garou decided to lay a trap for a Vampire.

Teeth was unhappy but ready to take his aggression out on some undead.

The vampires led him and his allies on a chase throughout the city, but in the end he never got his jaws around one. Full of Rage and wanting to release stress, he asked that his pack and any others who wished to help would be allowed to clear a nearby panther preserve of wyrm-beasts. The giant boars were poisoning the land, but they themselves were also poisonous. Teeth knew that he would end up gravely ill if he survived, but living to fight another day just didn't sit well with him when it meant that he would just run again when that other day came.

In the end, he dragged the last of the wyrm-beasts down with him, happy to have made a real difference.


  • Teeth eats the bones of his enemies.
  • Teeth was once called "Left Feet". He prefers to stay in Lupus and Hispo forms because his balance on two legs is terrible.
  • Teeth's first battle scar was gained while fighting a wyrm-tainted python in the Everglades. His second came when he had to be put down during frenzy.

OOC Information

Player: Edward Seibert

Player Email: edseibert.mes@gmail.com

Storyteller: Andrew Logan

Storyteller Email: FM.Wta.st.17@gmail.com

Location: FL-046 Fort Myers, FL