Tempering the Fires of Rage

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Շє๓קєгเภﻮ Շђє Ŧเгєร ๏Ŧ гคﻮє

Rage is terrible, when it has no set boundaries.

OneInchSpacer.pngOneInchSpacer.pngOneInchSpacer.pngOneInchSpacer.pngRage is also valuable, when it is tempered and controlled.

For some, in growing fury, they lose control of their very being and form, thrown into less than desirable shapes in less than favorable situations and locations. All too often, one is pulled from their most powerful form or hidden appearance due to this.

This is the case for Razortooth, the Undying of the Deeps. Our Voice of the Un-Sea.

So it was time to help him learn to temper his Rage and form so that he was in control at all times. For the next two months, Braves the Deep of the Open Sea and myself, Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened on the Surface, gathered daily to begin the process of tempering Rage.

Inland of the island, away from the prying eyes of humanity, sits the massive pit dedicated to the challenges of the locals. It is large enough for several people to fight in pack on pack style challenges. The grassy area has seen no use since its formation, a sign that very little conflict comes between members of the local Bastion that require its use. Nonetheless, it is there for even reasons as this.

That day, Razortooth the Undying started his journey to confront and learn to control his flaw that makes him shift without thought during combat. This will be the dedicated time to focusing on how to overcome that, with the help of two others, a Dimwater named Dances in the Twilight Waves and a Darkwater named Braves the Deep.

Dances in the Twilight Waves approached the end of the pit and surveyed the landscape of it, having built it many cycles ago of Oversea’s Balm. Seeing the vegetation had grown to claim it back, she noted the need to care for the pits maintenance.

Razorooth’s first goal is to try and remain in homid form for as long as possible while in combat, no easy feat, considering his rage generally fuels his transformations into standing jaws accumulates quickly. Spirits of combat are summoned by both Razortooth and Braves the Deep, by using awaken minor spirit, these spirits are ahroun and theurge, to give a wider breadth of gifts so that they can both hit and heal.

Razortooth’s goal was to tag all the spirits he could before his rage got the better of him, without changing forms. It wasn’t easily done, and required some time, his first attempt at it didn’t go as well as it should have, and he only managed three of seven, and Dances on the Twilight Waves had to reduce his rage with Calm the Heart before it rose too high.

The Second Attempt fared much better for the group, more spirits were summoned by Braves the Deep, and with a little concentrated effort of Dances on the Twilight Waves in making use of her gift, Calm the Heart, she managed to keep Razortooth’s Rage simmering enough so that he could act without shifting, a feat to be sure, for he’s never had to spend this much time in combat where his blood didn’t boil to change shape.

Then as a group, they traveled to the water, wherein they crossed into the Umbra, the spirits summoned are left to go back to their original duties, and the three swam into Sea’s Soul, what Garou call the Umbra, and begin hunting for a bane, to see if his Rage can be kept simmering while in actual combat with danger, Dances on the Twilight Waves and Braves the Deep both have to keep an eye upon Razortooth’s actions for should he slip into frenzy both would be wise to flee.

They finally encountered a group of banes. They resembled a mutated crab, a twisted octopuss, and fish with too many eyes. Razortooth swam forward engaging in combat with the crab first, biting down on it. It is a stronger spirit than the other two, perhaps that is why his bite did not discorporate it in a single blow. The three spirits at once focused on the first hostile Rokea to attack and each swing in for attack, pincers, beak, and a tail with spines struck Razortooth and his Rage built, though in an effort to keep him tempered, Dances on the Twilight Waves used Calm the Heart, lessening his Rage once again. Braves the Deep used one of the healing gifts upon Razortooth to reduce the damage done, but the real damage was the fact the three ganged up on Razortooth, making him seethe and grow in wyrm taint.

Dances in the Twilight Waves enacted her Call of the Wyld, to boost the others along with herself, as the battle significantly serious. Seeing Razortooth take much of the hits, Dances in the Twilight Waves seethed at the sight. Though she remained back, trying to either temper his Rage or cause distraction for most of it.

Shortly after the brief skirmish began Razortooth began making quick work of the octopus-like bane then turned his sights on the spine tailed multi-eyed fish. Then finally focusing on the crustation bane in which his teeth didn’t seem to do as much damage. He bolsters his Rage after it attacks him again. Braves the Deep removed the wounds using another healing gift, Dances on the Twilight Waves activated her fetish to grant Razortooth gnosis to fuel his fight. It takes time but eventually the crustation bane is beaten, however the goal of Razortooth’s Rage being tempered was not, as his form shifted into standing jaws as the fight wore on.

The moment Razortooth shifted, Dances in the Twilight Waves shifts to her own Standing Jaws form to join him in taking out the crab bane. It was time to finish the threat and resuming training afterwards.

A second session of bane hunting in Sea’s Soul, in hopes, that Razortooth’s Rage can be tempered into a better weapon took place once more. Braves the Deep, once again, made an attempt to find some banes, for this purpose and did manage it, they were not very strong ones, but two on one against Razortooth they should have been able to put up a strong enough irritation to get his Rage high enough. Dances on the Twilight Waves continued to try to keep his Rage in check, and for a while it seemed to work Eventually the Banes, which had just the right sort of gifts, caused Razortooth to enraged and transform, thanks to their taunting attacks, though once he managed to land a bite on one it discorporates and the other quickly realized it made a mistake. Shortly after, Dances in the Twilight Waves shifted and moved to join Razortooth in discorporating the last. After removing the last enemy and allowing them to calm down, they would have to return once more to work on his training.

Finally, they decided for the third time to swim in the Sea's Soul to hunt for something to help Razortooth’s ability to control his form during increased Rage. Through a number of tests of bolstering his Rage and hindering it’s growth during combat thus far, they had been successful in extending the time he remained in forms other than standing jaws when his Rage boiled over.

This time, Dances in the Twilight Waves would keep Razortooth floating just before his enragement, during combat, so that he can sense the line, after watching him and getting to learn his boiling points. Returning once more back into the Umbra, Braves the Deep found a bane jaggling that was powerful enough of a foe on its own. It did have other banes along with it, weak gafflings that went down from the collective efforts of the Rokea.

Razortooth took his Fighting Jaws form as he charged on the Jaggling seeking to bite into it, but it managed to dodge his jaws and swat back, hitting him with blade like spikes, which caused Razortooth to visibly seethe in frustration.

Dances on the Twilight Waves made use of her Fighting Jaws form to make short work of one of the gafflings as did Braves the Deep, turning these two allies of the Jaggling into little more than ephemera as they were sent back to Malfeas where they belonged. Two other Gafflings made an attempt to attack them in return, landing no lasting damage on them. Braves the Deep seized control over one of the banes by using Awaken Minor spirit and turned it on its ally, while Dances on the Twilight Waves attempted to reduce Razortooth’s chance of shifting by lessening his Rage, however he already bolstered his Rage using Stoking Fury’s Furnace. Luckily the reduction didn’t seem to weaken his next strike as much as it could have. Razortooth sank his teeth deep into the Jaggling and it realized very quickly it didn’t stand a chance and sought to escape. However, Razortooth’s teeth did not release him as Steel Trap locked his jaws and sank into the jaggling.

Razortooth thrashed about and Braves the Deep ordered the enraptured bane to attack it’s ally which simply kept them busy, before she struct the gaffling and sent it back to Malfeas. Dances in the Twilight Waves, in Fighting Jaws, turned on the wouldbe ally and bit it, and sent it back to Malfaes. The Jaggling within the jaws of Razortooth tore itself free, but resulted in it discorporating. Razortooth never shifted form, even though his Rage had increased to the point where in he should have and it was clear to the three, they had successfully completed their quest Even with all the wyrm taint they have gained, along with all the Seethe that churned below their flesh.

They returned to the southern gathering point of the island.

Razortooth, the Undying of the Deeps, now swims the seas with a newly tempered weapon of Rage.

๔คภςєร เภ Շђє ՇฬเɭเﻮђՇ ฬคשєร, Շђє ยภ๒๏гภ คฬคкєภє๔
г๏кєค ๔เ๓ฬคՇєг ๏ภ Շђє รยгŦคςє

(Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
Rokea Dimwater on the Surface
Paragon 2/6/20, Worthy 2/11/20)

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