Tempest, Totem of War

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Name: Tempest, Totem of War
Rank: Incarna
Brood: Wyld

General Information: Tempest is an old Hurricane Incara of the Wyld and a totem of war. He was the old Caern Totem of the Sept that once dwelled on the same island before the fall, years before the Caern Plague and the march of the Dark Brigade. Most people who meet Tempest, feel sea-sick upon his arrival except for Rokea and their kin. He also goes by the name "Captain" and appears as an actual captain from the mid 1800's. He currently patrons the local Fera who have gained his favor and demanded to take back his Lighthouse. He has a brood following of jaggling spirits that are collectively known as "The Crew" as well as many gafflings called Gale Winds that serve as his messengers.

Totem Ban: Seek out and destroy agents of corruption and decay, especially monstrous wyrm-beasts. Tempest also demands followers to spend time communing with storms.

Totem Goals: Tempest is set to reclaim not only his homelands but all the lands that surrounds it. He seeks all the Wyrm to be driven from his lands.

A large fulgurite formation from when lightening struck the sand during Tempest's storm. It stands at 3 feet high and varies in diameter, with the ridges all pointing up.

Glyph:Glyph of Tempest - "Incarna", "Storm", "Floods"