Tenebrous Harmony

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Tenebrous Harmony

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Notable Traits
- Mixed Russian and Greek heritage
- Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)
- Extensive Lichtenberg scar on her back

Name: Kassandra Vassos
Rank: Adren
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
House: Wise Heart
Lodge: Moon
Pack: None
Location: Sept of Gathering Tides
Lineage: Clan Zorja
History: Timeline

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Learning to Grow Dawn Rising Mending a Crown
The Northern Front An Avian Issue Warehouse Ritual
Leeches Leave Trails Severed Thread Battle of Reinforcements
Rabbit Removal Honorable Duel An Unexpected Threat
A Vampiric Horror Earning an Auspice Lesser of Two Evils
Blow to Pentex Unicorn's Sacrifice

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Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat - A tenacious defender who needed help.
Clickbait - Fellow Galliard who believes in open communication.
Kireji - One who shares the same vision.
Misuto o Aruku Mono - Friend and fellow loremaster.
Pisk Yarost - Excellent smuggler.
Silverheart - Former alpha, brother in spirit.
Spirit Rider - One who shares the same vision.

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-"Kass and I are two sides of the same coin, and I will pistol whip any god damn mother fucker that tries to harm her." - Svetlana Volkov
- "She talks... A lot. And it's kind of annoying, but she's definitely one of my two favorite sisters." - Red Igorivich
- "My niece can be rather saucy at times, but one can hardly expect less from such a lively mind." - Elizaveta Igorivich
-"She is very much like a daughter to me, which is possibly why she enjoys creating this little crease, right here, between my brows. However, in all seriousness, the ways of prophecy are many and can be difficult to traverse without both patience and talent. I would not trust any others as Seer more than her." - Zeina Sabry
- She is a very lovely lady. I am glad she was my first friend in San Juan." - Clara


- "Kassandra Tenebrous Harmony has forgotten more of the secret ways of the world than most packs will ever learn. It seems boastful to say it, I'm sure, but it is simple truth. I have had the honor and privilege of seeing her grow from an uncertain girl to become one of the wisest Garou I have known. And yet... she still manages to earn a nip or two from her pack-brother, and inspire a smile or two besides." - Ambrose Silverheart
- "I have known her since my youth, and am proud of the Skald she has become. Her crafted stories know no equal." - Sylvi Anker
- "Many books hold stories, but books are ruined and destroyed. She sings of stories long lost, she makes food around fire better. She takes us to places not able to see, and live lives long since passed." - Amasis Sabry
- "She is 'moya plemyannitsa', we get along. She is good kid." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy

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- "My cousin is one of the best people that I've known, other than my packmates, and I would die for her, even if we're in opposite factions. I hope she finds happiness, and I will do anything to make sure she earns a happy ending. That doesn't mean I won't tease her about anyone she falls in love with, the way she did to me, because it's only fair." - Nikoleta Vassos
- "She's not bad... for a Silver Fang." - Preserves the Future
-"Strength is not always found in brute force, but sometimes in the beat of one's heart and the voice of one's soul. Tenebrous Harmony holds such strength." - Maddie
- "This one is interesting for a member of the ruling tribe of the Mother's Claws. No sign of hubris of her own kind's superiority, which is refreshing in this country. And she knows a good tea, which makes her a special kind of woman." - Abe Ryou
- "Her words sing to the stars at night and they dance to the rhythm of her tales. She is a true weaver of stories and a vision friend brought to meet in flesh through fate." - Spirit Rider
- "Sis and I met under strange circumstances. It's not every day you get adopted by silver fangs I guess." - Tenacious Spirit
- "TH...what can I say, I met her when she was still learning. She has the makings of a great storyteller even if she is a Silver Fang. One of the few I can actually be around without wanting to pull my teeth out. She gets it, she knows the rules of the war have changed." - Glow Bug
- "I don't know where she went but I hope she is okay. She didn't look to be in a good place head wise while she talked. After the lights came back, she was gone. I don't know if the darkness took her with it or what but I can't help but feel like something was really wrong and I didn't do anything about it." - Priscilla Lamnidae
- "Tenebrous Harmony is a Galliard that can be relied upon to give the full story of a tale. She has always a pleasure to work with." - Clickbait Luciano
- "Kass is a shining example. Proof that Garou don't have to be fighty-fighty by default, she's got a sharp mind and a thirst for knowledge. Not only that, but she's not afraid to probe the darkest types of knowledge, or to use them as a weapon. She will be your greatest ally, or your most fearsome enemy. Choose wisely." - Wyrmbaiter
- "Kassandra... now THERE is an interesting student. She picked it up well, and not just the physical movements, she realised what it was all about as soon as she started. Very intelligent, very cunning. Lovely friend, and what a fantastic example of how a Garou can be anything they wish to be, despite the opinions of others." - Damage Control

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- Not-so-secret Concordat sympathizer.
- Not nearly as innocent as she looks.
- The only reason Kass wasn't born first was because the stars weren't aligned right.
- Feigns disinterest in Kin because she has a string of Fera lovers in all genders.
- Exudes Fox pheromones.
- Spirit bonded with the ancestor spirit of a cousin she couldn't bear to lose.

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