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About Raphael

Aliases: Raphael, Leiutenant, Teri
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
Domain: New York, NY
Abiding Status

  • Committed in the Anarchs

Fleeting Status

  • None given


Race - Latino & French
Apparent Age - 30; Actual Age: 50, 20 years grooming
Eye Color - Green
Hair - Brown, pulled back in a ponytail
Complexion - Olive
Height - 5’4”

Notable Traits:

  • Tends to look more dress casual than the normally pristine Ventrue.
  • Prefers to go by her last name, an affectation from her many years as an officer.
  • She wears a large ornate white gold ring with a large square purple stone.
  • Has a New York accent made more pronounced the more casual she feels.


The youngest in a distinguished line of Ventrue nobility, Teri Raphael is the "black sheep" of the bunch. Embraced in the 1960s after a life as a child of revolution as well as working for the law, Teri found her time under the guidance of the Camarilla to be eye opening in all the wrong ways, ultimately coming away with a view of it as a tyrannical order despite the nepotism that would have secured her a political foothold early on. Her liberal mindedness enflamed, she found herself drawn to the Anarch Movement under the leadership of Dottie Youngblood, whom she currently serves as vassal, though she remains in good standing with her Sire, Grandsire and brootmates remaining with the Camarilla.

Either unafraid, or just too young to understand the ramifications of bucking longstanding tradition, she is a wayward King learning to carve out her niche through her journey.

Though fifty years into her unlife, Raphael still finds ways to work with (and frequently use) the NYPD, regularly lending her aid as an "outside consultant" in order to gain access to information as well spread disinformation when necessarily. She has worked over the years to cultivate a network of police and underworld informants loyal to her whatever the need.



  • Her real name is Theresa, and she can't stand it.
  • She passes better as a Brujah than a Ventrue.
  • She hasn’t been completely honest about her motivations to move to the Anarchs.
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  • “The good Lieutenant is competent and fearless, but it's her hunger for purpose that no doubt drew my childe to her. Every true Ventrue needs a taste of that hunger.” - Bartleby Crane
  • “There's nothing worse than seeing raw potential squandered to satisfy the expectations of others.” - Luca Muscato
  • “Terri is someone I look up to in a lot of ways. She's dealt with a lot of shit, but she's smart and competent about how to maneuver around it. It's clear to anyone who interacts with her that she's someone to admire. Well, clear to everyone except herself, at least.” - Kyle Morgan
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  • 1939: May 7th - Teri Raphael is born
  • 1969: June 10th - Embraced by Samuel Reade
  • 1979: January - Approached by Bartleby Crane and put under his accounting. Begins Agoge under his tutelage
  • 2017: November - Presented to Prince Rider by Bartelby Crane
  • 2017: December - Becomes Whip to Pau Lamarca
  • 2018: Febuary - Whip title is dissolved. Is deputized by Sheriff Nordahl
  • 2018: May - Leaves the Camarilla to join the Anarch Movement under the vassalage of Dottie Youngblood
  • 2018: May - Joins Anarch gang, Proportional Response


Ties Sought

  • Allies, Enemies, Partners



  • Everyone needs a nemesis



  • Tulip - Preacher
  • Brienne of Tarth - Game of Thrones
  • Michael Corleone - Godfather


OOC Information

Player: Taran Lopez
MES Number: US2010066225
Domain: NY-004-D
Storyteller Email: Marshall Crutchfield
Coordinator: Ilan N.
Location: Brooklyn, NY

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