Terrance Walker

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In-Character Representation for Homid.
In-Character Representation for Lupus.

TheurgeBone Gnawers

===Information Known by the Garou Nation===

Name: Terrance Walker

Notable Traits:

Pack: Small Packages (Totem: Racoon)

Society: Concordat of Stars

Rank: Adren

Camp: The Hoods

Sept: Sept of the Urban Wilds


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===Ties Sought!===
I'm looking for all kinds. Perhaps you ran together for a time. Perhaps you're one of his kin. Maybe you were rivals at one point. I'm pretty open about it. Hit me up for ties or for ideas.

===OOC Information===

Player: Greg White

Player Email: gregw1987@gmail.com

Storyteller: Ashley Oliver

Storyteller Email: owensborowerewolf@gmail.com

Location: Owensboro, KY (OOC: Franklin, IN)