Thaddeus Alastair Krane

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Loyal. Stylish. Engaging.



Unbreakable Hearth


Great Grandfather: Ashes on Ivory
Father: Micheal Bennett Krane
Mother: ???


He that has no Silver in his purse should have Silver on his tongue.
― Thomas Fuller


Appearance: Tall and built like a runner, Thaddeus is a handsome man with a friendly smile and a quick laugh.

Notable Traits: Heroic Lineage(Ashes on Ivory), Predator's Glare

Demeanor: Thaddeus is friendly, outgoing and helpful to a fault. He works well with others and seems to make friends easily.


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  • "My cousin and I were both a bit cursed from the day we were born. Somehow, neither of us has lost our lives to it yet." - Madison Walsh
  • "Something Something Something" - Someone


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Thaddeus Alastair Krane

Tribe: Silver Fang
Rank: Kinfolk
Domain:Manhattan, KS
Email Me: Jonathan Felber
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