Thaddeus Clay

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Thaddeus Clay

  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Creation date: 1492
  • Generation: 8th Gen.
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned
  • No Childer
Thaddeus Mask.jpg

General Information

Thaddeus Clay is a gargoyle created in the last years of the created, before the Tremere joined the tower. His creator, Saharat the Khmer, attempted to create a golem of pure gold, but to their dismay he came out the color of flesh with gigantic black and blood red wings. Until the year of his release, he worked as her sentinel. After his release, he traveled Europe for many years. He met the Archivist, and another kindred that travelled with him. For many years, Thaddeus and his travelling companion roamed the earth, gathering information on clans and history. In 1929, Thaddeus finally stopped travelling and helped found The Cathedral of John the Evangelist in Spokane, Washington. Since the founding, Thaddeus has not been seen since.

Physical Description

Thaddeus stands head to toe just over 6 feet, with an additional foot in height from his wings, which are black and blood red. Though at first his skin was a flesh color, lately there have been cracks appearing on his body, with those cracks being filled in with gold (He calls this issue Kintsugism). He generally wears all black clothes, and black gloves to cover his hands (Which are nearly all gold at this point.) He carries a strand of beads that were once Mala Beads, but he modified them to be just a standard strand.


- He hides within the Catholic Church because of similar beliefs from his creator..
- He really is golden under that black crust he keeps applying to hide it.
- (Feel free to gossip!)


- "They say a heart of gold is a sign of kindness. I break the mold if you cross me." -Thaddeus Clay
- No matter who you are, Thaddeus can teach you something. Now if you LIKE the lesson or not is not up to him. Apophis
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OOC Information

Player: Mark Landkammer US2015050029
Player Email:
Storyteller: Chris Walter
Storyteller Email:
Location: Spokane, Washington