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Tremere only

There is no power; there is only truth, and the chains it bears.


Confirmed, Established and Privileged
As an Elder of the Camarilla
Sovereign, Authority, and Commander
Prince of Montreal
Destroyer of the Bloodhunted Assamite Gary Fletcher
by Architect of the Camarilla Frederick Rex Reinhartr (NPC)
by Luminary Elder Brynjar Hrafnsen

Known Collaborators(add yourself!)

Cornelia Mowebary (RIP)
Giles Blackett, Ishtarri Servire, Montreal
Jimmy Kincaid, Nosferatu Servire, Vancouver
Mary Kilian, Toreador, Seneschal of Montreal
Simon Walker, Son of Discord, Harpy of Montreal
Marcus Antoninus, Ventrue, Montreal
Kipton Shant, Tremere, San Francisco


The Lineage that spawned Thaddeus Moreau was all but eradicated during the Nights of Turmoil.
Only Tremere Society brothers and sisters may have known where he was at the time, and why he has resurfaced.

It is known that he spawned a single Childe (PC tie requested along Society lines, pls contact player for info)
Daniel Orion, suspected Grandchilde

Headshot Thaddeus Moreau.jpg
"Your opinion of me is a reflection of what you are, and of no consequence to my existence."

Commonly Known Information

Name: Thaddeus Moreau
Notable Traits: Too often confused for a Ventrue, Thaddeus typically presents himself in modern tailored clothes; ascerbic and intolerant of fallacious arguments; Tower-loyal to a fault
Sect and social class: Camarilla Elder; Ancilla by age
Clan: Tremere
Known monikers: Captain Fireball; Barbra (to the Sabbat); Magic Mike (to the Anarch)

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace
    • Known to be living in the eastern regions of Canada as a native French speaker;
    • Inhabited Montreal and worked in various capacities, namely as an ice harvester.
  • Ghouled: 1839
  • Embrace: 1850
    • Early 20th century: various assignments in the Eastern Canada and New England region. Known to have visited Moncton, Ottawa, New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlantic City and other smaller Domains, never for long;
    • 1940: Disappears from Kindred life. Clan Tremere will not reveal his location;
    • 1960: Reappears as an independent operator in service to House and Clan. Records of his prior activities and disappearance are sealed;
    • 1980s: Helped establish a Camarilla forward post in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to spy and launch incursions into Sabbat Montreal; collaborates with Cornelia Mowebary by funneling her influence into the region.
    • 1999-2009: On special assignment for House Tremere, Moreau, unlike his Lineage, is spared eradication during the Nights of Turmoil. He only resurfaces once the Red Star fades;
    • 2009-2017: Calls Trenton, NJ a home port, but does not participate in the local Court.
    • 2017: Dispatched by Clan Tremere to support the Camarilla Praxis in Montreal, Canada.
    • 2018, January: Seized Praxis of the Montreal Camarilla following the Final Death of Cornelia Mowebary in Chicago
    • 2018, November: Favored, and recognized as an Elder of the Camarilla by Harpy Royale and Architect of the Camarilla Rex Reinhartr. Visits Olaf Magnusson of Austin, bearing gifts.
    • 2018, December: Present in Vancouver, BC when Prince Carden D'Vergobret absolves Elijah Zacheus of Forsaken status.
    • 2019, January: Commands the Camarilla to escape Independent Alliance holdings in the face of religious Hunters' surveillance. Hosts Primogen Karma of Austin, TX.
    • 2019, February: Names Jade Stilton of Clan Ventrue as Sheriff of Montreal. Receives Sabbat Blood Accords Ambassador Tate onto Elysium.
    • 2019, March: Attends the Ambasador's Ball in New Brunswick. Votes in favor of enacting the Edict of Memphis; negotiates access to the Island of Montreal by himself opposite Cardinal Yitzhak, Tiziano Farnese, Valerie Evans and another unknown Sabbat, Giulia
    • 2019, April: Consolidates Camarilla Courtesies opposite dissent from the local Anarchs and Independents reacting to the agreement made with Cardinal Yitzhak. Moreau maintains rights of passage to his fellow Authorities in spite of them closing their borders to the Camarilla.
    • 2019, May: Receives a visit from the Lady of Jade at a salon sponsored by the Harpy Royale.
    • 2019, June: Appoints Tremere newcomer Samuel McMaster as Sheriff, Mother Marie-Marguerite de Montford of Clan Tremere as Keeper of Elysium, and Mary Kilian of Clan Toreador as Seneschal.
    • 2019, July: Confronts the Montreal Sabbat diocese. Attends the Phoenix and Tombstone portions of the Grand Conclave. Survives an assassination attempt by [redacted]. His Motions to amend the Blood Accord, and censure Justicar Lucinde, both pass.
    • 2019, September: Hosts the Montreal Sabbat in Elysium to discuss recent Edicts. Citing violated Courtesies, he escalates its resolution to trial by combat against the offender, Giulia. Rather than selecting a champion, Moreau fights for himself, handily defeating the Lasombra. Subsequently abducted (and freed from) an infernalist hit-and-run alongside Sebastiano Giovanni.
    • 2019, October 10th: Participates in the ritual to annul Mehujael's control over Lord Tremere. Witnesses the death of many fellow Tremere in the process, including long-time research partner Ethel Rhodes. Moreau is irremediably changed.

Traits and quirks

  • It is well known that Thaddeus abhors poor debaters, fallacious arguments, and people that waste valuable time.
  • Has been known to openly mock fellow Kindred who dress in antiquated manners as walking threats to the Masquerade.
  • Has an old tendency to roll his 'r' sounds excessively when speaking French.
  • Contemporaneous note-taker.
  • Since securing the Montreal Praxis, has taken to wearing gloves in public for reasons unknown.
  • The sign of the Libra has been seen on his cheek during high gatherings.
  • Constantly juggles silver Baoding balls in his right hand, and wears a kukui nut bracelet around his right wrist.
  • Wears a golden crown at Court functions. They say it is either for pretense, or to aggravate enemies.
  • Has recently become less human-like in appearance.

Rumors (add your own!)

  • Thaddeus has been dispatched to Montreal to discover what remains of the Tremere Chantry that used to stand in that city.
  • They say he is descended from Lotharius, but he keeps mum on his lineage.
  • He has progressive ideas regarding Gargoyles
  • He owes a lot of Boons to a lot of Anarchs for the whole Sanctuary thing
  • It's age alone that marks him as an Ancilla. Privately, there is a great deal more power in this pawn of Clan Tremere, and who knows how it will one day be used?
  • Spends his free time flogging dead horses.
  • He has no oversight from Clan, it's like he can do what he wants.
  • Has the Tremere high score in defying the Justicariate.
  • There's something being told about his pants
  • He is referred to as "Captain Fireball" behind his back.

Quotes about Thaddeus Moreau

  • "Magic's key is magic.. nothing comes for free. He understands this. It bodes well that he puts duty before self." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "Cuts a fine figure in a suit and brings a degree of specialized competence to the table hitherto missing among the residents of Montreal. He gets a touch flustered when you expect him to solve all your occult problems though." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "My opinion of him enters the realm of Color Commentary. I will keep it civil; Ever since he said his first words within the Domain of Montreal I feel increasing levels of hatred towards this individual." - Nicholas Stalhman
  • "Arf! Yipe! Yipe! Grrrrr...?" -Brioche
  • "He like said like what about me? Totes hilarious! But like I get it, like he's all like jelly of peeps that aren't like buried in the like dust of the past and are actually like living. Must like supes suck to be like all hated and like being accused of like creating like abominations like all the time. I mean, like I guess that's like why he would like be calling me ill-bred. Like he was like hoping for something like flappy and grey, because like those like worked out for his clan like so well." -Karma
  • "Det er noen i vårt samfunn som venter, som gribber, for å ta makten. Det er andre som tar dette ansvaret motvillig og velger hva som er best for byen deres over egne ønsker. Tiden vil fortelle oss hvilken denne warlock er. Jeg håper på sistnevnte fordi alle ser på." - Olaf Magnusson
  • "Thaddeus is an exemplary Tremere, dedicated to Clan Tremere, and a very competent grandsire. He is not overly concerned with politics, I am sure his praxis will be efficient and no nonsense." Daniel Orion
  • "God damn. I may send Prince Moreau a couple of Potence-enhanced ghouls with wheelbarrows as a gift. With cojones that big, he's gonna need 'em." -Jimmy Kincaid
  • "Resourceful. Focused. Dedicated... and cunning. Keep a wary eye on this one... lest you fall under his spell." -Morvenna Mathias
  • "A gentleman of manners. Would that others could learn the fine art of correspondence by his example." -Olivia Collins, Harpy
  • "When he wants something done, it gets done. For good or ill." -Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "His shoes are out-shined only by the stars that hit you when he starts walking in those pants. He's alright, for a Prince." Billie Mydol
  • "He respects power and sense. It is a waste that he sits across the aisle." Sebastiano Giovanni
  • "Thaddeus Moreau is a Tremere, yes, but he is also the successor to my friend Cornelia Mowebary, and so he has my respect as a fellow Sovereign of the Camarilla. While not blind to the flaws of his clan, it is my hope that he, like she, rises above the chaff of his clan to show us who he truly is, now what he might have been." Jack Rider
  • "Prince Moreau? No, I am not, this Stone is polished and smooooth. Definitely, not Morose." Clyde Hudson
  • "I find myself drawn to his discourse while remaining repulsed by his blood. Perhaps there is hope for *some* of them...should they follow Moreau's example." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "Certes, le bon prince comprend que nos actions en privé diffèrent de notre comportement parmi les mortels. Il jugerait mes affaires quotidiennes par ma tenue de cocktail." - Ludovic Pétion
  • "Thaddeus? Oh he's the smartest guy in the room at any given time. Just ask him. He'll tell you all about it. If the guy was half as important as he thought he is then he might actually be dangerous." - Dicky Coughlin
  • “When his deeds match his words, perhaps then I will give them merit." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "Some folks are so busy trying to read between the lines, they fail to actually see what's on the paper." - Kevin Hagen
  • "As a Prince, I follow him. As a person, I admire him. As a man... well. He's about as useful as any other, I suppose." - Mary Kilian
  • "This one sees things as they are. Is ironic that among all Kindred, even close family, this Warlock is only one that speaks of me in correct way. But always I remember what Blake said about the truth." - Adyton
  • "Odd. I have never seen one claim so much and yet never leave the shallow end of the pool." - Ramon De La Benedicion
  • "Odi et amo. Utinam ne illum numquam conspexissem. Um, like sorry, totes like forgot what we were like talking about? Oh, yeah, like Prince Thaddy, uh like he's like got a bigger set than like the ones he has in his hand. If like anything, yeah, like I'm like a fan of like anyone who like tells people to like bring it. Still hate him." - Karma
  • "Thaddeus is all I desire from a Camarilla Prince. He does not pretend to be friends with the Sabbat, he does not support the accord for mere comfort, and he is smug and detestable enough to make you sigh in anticipation of the time where his heartblood will be spilled on the floor by the Sabbat crusade." - Tiziano Farnese
  • "I have no words for the moronic arrogance of this one, I can only pray that he does not bring the infernal attention to more Cainites, as he utters the Names brazenly and risks all of vampiric society as though he alone possesses the innate ability to resist the powers of hell. I am a zealot; but even I would prefer not to see the Camarilla fall prey to the infernal, and this one walks the tight rope. Let us hope he has not fallen already." - Valerie Evans
  • "Hubris is the first step to hell. This blood-sorcerer has embraced it and spoken a demonic Name in a public gathering of Kindred. The Camarilla should investigate this creature for heresy at once." - Antonio Diaz
  • "To be around this man is to feel electricity in the air; to stand in a field moments before a storm, just before the lightning strikes. His voice is thunder. Near him it is loud and booming, but even from a distance his words will be heard." - Angela Aspinwall
  • "Remember." - Enyo
  • "I can't wait to meet him again... a source of entertainment if I've ever seen one." - Giulia
  • "Moreau couldn't be more typical of the title of Prince. He is a walking stereotype with all the depth you'd expect from a Tremere. I'd love to see how many remain loyal to him when the time comes." - Arty
  • "Mors mea, vita tua. He's like not like who I thought he like was. It's like weird to like try to like convince me I'm like not the killer I like know I am. It's like totes ok, because like, he doesn't like get that like what I am, is like necessary for like all change. For like people like him to live. Still, like I wish I could like be the person he like says I am. Hominis est mulier confusio." - Karma
  • “Some people are so Camarilla that you can spot them a mile away. This prince here ain’t different. But if I was a betting woman I’d say that the flashy clothes and loud mouth are just the distraction. I know a killer when I see one. I suggest all y’all who’d serve him take a look into his eyes.” - Serenity Crane
  • “What a deliciously bold little Usurper - leaning over and whispering his sweet nothings and boyish bravado in my ear like that... Someone should tell him that the next time, he should be prepared to either follow through with those sinister pretenses, or to receive a master class in what it truly is to be a monster.” - Serafino Morreti
  • "Elder Prince Moreau is both more loyal and more adept than many give him credit for. One must simply know how to speak to him properly." - Meliora
  • "Thaddeus is a fire on the nighttime steppe. Sometimes fickle, often dangerous, easy to lose control of... but nonetheless a rare beacon in the long dark." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "What is his goal, and why does he throw allies away?" - Brynjar Hrafnsen
  • "Like all Tremere, he makes a good show of being a self-righteous asshole and the smartest person in the room. But am I only the one who thinks the show is a little too well scripted? No, wait. I think there's a bunch of Tremere who feel the same way. Huh. Maybe this show *IS* worth watching a little longer." Cyrus Eddington
  • "Met him again and this specific Kindred really knows how to get me hot and bothered..." - Giulia
  • "When I met him, as a young ingenue to the Tremere, I was in utter awe of the man. I said to myself, there's some daring, and doesn't he just fill those trousers with flair? My, it was something to see all the new apprentices, throw themselves on him only for him to give them the look of the utmost derision before telling them to get back to work. But darling, he's the most beastly mentor a gal ever had to suffer through. Always going on about the most dull matters, it was all I could do to stay awake. Of course it's absolutely NOT true he only released me from accounting so I would stop talking! Of all the nonsense y'all hear!" - Pansy Honeywell
  • "I've traveled many places through my career, seen many Princes across many domains. Many styles of rule. But WHO is Moreau, a question with an interesting and unexpected answer.... Someone I respect." - Myrium Oswald
  • "It takes someone from a fake clan to know what it is to be one. Sadly, in search to have friends the Tremere created us. In the end, even us your creation were unable to be around you." Ghotail
  • "There is a fine line between arrogance and pride. Arrogant people need to be reminded that nobody escapes change, not even them." - Mason Antonescu
  • "The first serious decision I had to make when I came to Montreal was whose claim to Praxis I should support. In my time working for - and with - Moreau, I have not come to regret my decision. He's smart, competent - a good man in a storm, as it were. With the storms facing the city of Montreal, that's just what we need." - Marcus Antoninus


Thaddeus Moreau on the Clans

  • "To many Elders, it takes us Tremere twice as much work to be considered half as good as the next Pillar Clan. Thanks to our gifts, this isn't difficult."
  • "My Clan scratched the Gangrel's back. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess."
  • "I have faith in the Brujah. They will always do what's best for the Tower... after they've tried everything else."
  • "The Ventrue, like the kings they emulate, stand firm and send their vassals into the fray. Only the weak need crutches to fight their battles."
  • "I remember this Malkavian in New England once, pursuing me for having fleas, calling me a mutt, a hound, an anklebiter, a kennel-keeper. Almost drove me out of town with a rolled-up newspaper in her hands. I've never even owned a dog."
  • "Out there, in the darkest corners of the city, there's a swarm of rodents listening in to report back to their Kindred master; that Nosferatu is my friend."
  • "I wouldn't trust a Setite as far as I can throw an obelisk, and that isn't too far. If you must let one in, make sure the spotlight shines bright around them."
  • "There is a pale imitation of our Clan in the form of these Venetian reprobates. Tremere have the common courtesy of keeping our word. Do not place faith in the Giovanni that would pretend to do the same."
  • "Nobody told the Gargoyles they needed to spread their curse. If it wasn't created by my forebears, then its hatred is its delusion to own."
  • "I have but one word for the Tzimisce: die."
  • "Having not met too many Lasombra to form a personal opinion, those loyal to the Tower are fierce and steadfast. I assume their Sabbat counterparts need to be handled with equal intensity."
  • "The Schismatics are to be commended on their ethics. The Banu Hakim, on the other hand, can die in a fire... indeed, I already know one who has."
  • "I recognize the need for the Toreador. I truly do. The Camarilla and the Masquerade would not be the resounding success they are without them. Still, I struggle to understand them."
  • "Who? The Ravnos? What of them?"
  • "I will not be remembered as the Prince who let the infernal Salubri and Baali stain the promise of an orderly Kindred society."

Quotes by Thaddeus Moreau

  • (about an Elder on the Path of Heaven) "God is bored by him."
  • "Are you done? We are ageless, not undying. The sun will come up eventually."
  • "When God closes a door, he opens a vein."
  • "Hubris is the word they use to warn the incompetent against seeking greatness."
  • "I understand you want them punished, but the Bloodhunt? Sounds a little permanent."
  • "Being Unaligned isn't something that just happens to you."
  • "Everyone is granted Hospitality in my Domain. Not everyone deserves it. This is the bane of civilization."
  • "One out of four of ours died in the operation? Well within a margin of success."
  • "They suffer from this most American of afflictions: idle hands."
  • "Oh, honey... who's wearing the crown?""

Character Inspirations

Social presentation and wit: Roger Sterling, Mad Men
Attitude: Dr. Christian Troy, Nip/Tuck
Pragmatism: Amanda Waller, Justice League comics
Ethics and morality: Magneto, X-Men

Character theme: Matthew Good Band, Weapon
Personal drama: IAMX, Oh Beautiful Town
Relationship with Clan: In Strict Confidence, Seven Lives
Personal drive: VNV Nation, Tomorrow Never Comes

OOC Information
Player: Christian M
Player email: Click here
C@M Number: CA2017081501
VST: Quinn Kurenda/Christian Lontoc-Roy
Domain: Montreal, QC

Email player for details regarding history, and for contacts or background ties.