Thaddeus Moreau's Pants

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Snug fitted pants (or trousers as the pedantic (read: English) Mr. Blackett insists), belonging to Thaddeus Moreau


Thaddeus Moreau's pants are known for being very fond of treats, but respond poorly to path bound Kindred. They will happily share their feelings with anyone with Animalism, and like most pants are fairly communicative.


  • "Ah, fuck. Give me back my shoe!" - Simon Walker
  • "The Colonies always get it wrong, I presume you are speaking of his trousers, NOT his pants... this language is quite specific. If so, they, like their owner are quite smart." Mr. Blackett
  • "There always seems to be a lot of trouble going on in this city, but at least we can be sure of one thing: The view on the throne is spectacular." Mary Kilian
  • "Well like holy shit, like I like swear I can like see like every vein through these! Is this like a thing now where like Tremere like wear tights or like things that like are basically like yoga pants? Like wtf can't I like stop staring at it?!" Karma
  • "Jarl Thetterbrok is the first curiousity I encountered" Brynjar Hrafnsen


  • Have the Presence power of Entrancement.
  • Is actually a shapeshifter.
  • This... thing is the actual Scourge of Montreal.
  • Moreau talks to his pants because he keeps his Homonculus there
  • He needs two Ghouls to put them on. Taking them off is done via scissors, which is why he buys stacks of the same kind every time he runs out.
  • His scepter is kept in his pants. Ask if you can wield it sometime. It's rumored his Seneschal might.
  • They are a representation of the tight restraint he has on his emotions. Which is the reason there aren't more fireballs being thrown around.


  • This page is made with the consent of the player of Thaddeus Moreau. His words will have to be consent enough for his pants/trousers/clothing.