That Asshole

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: That Asshole
Formerly Laughs With Spirits
Formerly Walks All the Paths

Rank: Fostern

Tribe: Uktena

Notable Traits: A consummate Ragabash, That Asshole is a trickster and a knave. Notable lack of scars.

Pack: Guardians of the Deep

Sept: Fool of Sept of the Bayou's Blessing


I may or may not have stolen stuff.

I may or may not cause problems.

I may or may not have walked to Meros on a dare.

I may or may not have some lores.

I may or may not have something up my sleeves.

I may or may not know something.

I may or may not some lores.


  • He is rarely serious. <——This is not rumor.


  • Yes, he ran into the fire, and perhaps that was enough to tilt the battle in our favor. For that, I suppose I owe him some respect. He's still a pain in my ass. "Almost Famous" Amos Fannon
  • Say something! PC Name

OOC Information

Player: Justin H
Email: Justin's Email
VST: Dave M.
Location: Houston, TX