The Adopted

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: The Adopted

Totem: Hera



In preparing to defeat the Kraken that had been plaguing Pueblo, Colorado, members of the Sept of Unearthed Silver travelled with the two other Colorado Septs, as well as Owl and Pegasus to Mount Olympus. The Master of Challenge of the Sept of Unearthed Silver angered Hera when he gave the golden apple "for the Fairest" to Zeus, at the order of the gathered Alphas. To save his life, as Hera demanded blood for his snub, Tamsin traded for a life of her service- she would make a pack dedicated to Hera, honoring family, despite being part of the Blood & Plaid pack.

The pain of being ripped from her former family was great. Jonathan McBride responded first, joining her pack in order to share the load of her sorrow. Danior joined second, drawn to the focus on family in the pack. Braylon joined the pack third, as payment to Hera for information about the Ancestors that he thought he had lost.


  • They seem reluctant to talk about their totem's ban
  • How did Tamsin get Hera to make the deal with her?
  • Hera herself drew their war paint on the first time they donned it

OOC Information

Storyteller: Alex Edwards

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