The Basilisk

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The Basilisk
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Domain: Montréal, Canada
Player: Christian M. (CA2017081501)
VST: Montréal Sabbat VST

Name:The Basilisk
Clan:Malkavian Antitribu
Faction:Black Hand
Pack:The Ill-Adjusted Reprobates


Initiated into the Sabbat
Branded as a Black Hand Dominion
Triumphant by the Sabbat Regent Markel Itzal (Dec. 2019)
Honorable by Black Hand Seraph Jet (Dec. 2019)
Battle-Scarred by Bishop Ashtad (Ocean City Proxy)
Favored by Grand Inquisitor Maria Sandoza(Dec. 2019)
Praised for insulting the Disgraced Captain Bastian Veighar (Dec. 2019)


1998 was a difficult year for the Diocese of Montreal. Aligned forces of the Camarilla and the Anarch Movement seized the opportunity to establish a stranglehold on the Sword of Caine, and during the historical ice storm, made their move. The Basilisk, a recent shovelhead having survived this long, got separated from his Pack. He assembled under the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates and, under the directions of Cardinal Yitzahk, helped Montreal safeguard and ferry outside the Domain many flesh tomes and prized possessions.

Twenty years later, the Basilisk, as part of the Diocese-in-exile, returns and prepares to retake the spiritual seat of the Sword of Caine...

Further Information
  • 1962: Born in the Appalachians to unknown Eastern European immigrants to the United States. Details of early life are difficult to unravel
  • 1992: The man is Embraced as part of a shovelhead party held in rural Quebec. He is one of the few from that event to endure to this night.
  • 1994: Gradual degradation of his ability to express. Frequent bouts of self-mutilation in front of authority figures, spurring him to join the Loyalists.
  • 1997: Experimentations on self bear little results, and the Basilisk is close to Wassail, when he finally develops Telepathy, allowing him a reprieve.
  • 1998: The Quebec Ice Storm. The Diocese is routed. Basilisk loses his entire Pack, and forms a new one with his current Packmates, the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates.
    • The new Pack is witness to the eradication of the Widows pack; they investigate and destroy a flesh cathedral created by parties unknown.
    • Following being rescued from near assimilation in the Cathedral, suffers a complete catatonic coma that leads him to torpor. A handful of Packs escape.
  • 2000: The man now known as the Basilisk emerges from torpor. The Diocese has been scattered to the wind. The Reprobates are still alive.
  • 2006: Basilisk has been taught the tenets of Metamorphosis by the Tzimisce Voivoide Constantin Odobleja. His temper stabilizes, his Humanity jettisoned in the face of his predatory ways. Obertus Revenants are assigned to him.
  • 2008: New purpose. The Basilisk is recruited by the Black Hand. He joins warbands, military attacks and strikes, and infiltration. His craftiness evolves into guerilla efficiency, and successfully completes the pilgrimage to the Weeping Stone.
  • 2018: The call is made. After the Blood Accord Ambassadors are announced, the Diocese-in-exile is recalled to the South Shores of Montreal.
  • 2018, October: The Basilisk, with his Pack, serves in and survives the Battle of Ocean City, where infernal demonic forces are kept at bay by the Sabbat.
  • 2019, February: The Basilisk secures the Silence by leading an elite force into destroying evidence gathered by mortal Hunters after the Montreal Archbishop and his Pack are destroyed in their Haven.
  • 2019, March: The Basilisk, amongst others, is witness to the destruction of Jayne Jonestown by the newly-revealed Praetors of the Unblinded Brotherhood. Is deemed Favored by Cardinal Yitzhak.
  • 2019, April: Deemed Battle-Scarred by Bishop KK Ryder, and Loyal by Archbishop Mako, for his participation in routing Infernal cults from the southern shore of Montreal. Meets Valerie Evans, Gabriel Thompson, and William Carver of the Inquisition on assignment to Montreal.
  • 2019, May: Invokes Statute XIII and commandeers the various Montreal Packs into a black ops strike on a Setite compound, recovering the heretical 'journal of the Good Man'.
  • 2019, July: Gathers Tzimisce and Metamorphosists to track down Adam, the First Revenant, in Arizona. Participates in the successful assault on Joseph Pander and the Unblinded Brotherhood.
  • 2019, August: Captures an Unblinded Brotherhood emissary in Montreal. Called to Mexico City alongside the Black Hand.
  • 2019, December: After an investigation mission to Los Angeles, then Mexico City, the Basilisk returns from Mexico bearing the Grand Inquisitor's Favored, and is deemed Triumphant by Sabbat Regent Markel Itzal. The fallout of this mission sees Inquisitor Seth Taggart and Black Hand Agent Bastian Veighar removed from active duty.
  • 2020, March: The Basilisk becomes the Black Hand's Dominion for Eastern Canada, splitting oversight of the Sect's military matters in that country with Honey Badger.
  • "Basil has the best jokes!" - KK Ryder
  • "Speaking without words is a trick I have seen used, and it largely is a bullshit smokescreen." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "I pity the ones who will never experience his humor... or his honey." - Giulia
  • "'Licks is a way better pack mate than those other idiots I hang out with!" - Lucian Antonescu Ravnos, to the rest of his pack.
  • "The biggest failure in my Path's history. What a fucking joke. Wannabe Tzimisce if I ever saw one." - Seth Taggart
  • "He seems to be a man of few words, but his presentation is a work of art that I appreciate." - Serenity Crane
  • "The Basilisk has definitely gained Roach's attention, for good reasons." -Roach
  • "He thinks that no one can tell him what his job is. I'd argue that his job is defined by the Code that all of the True Sabbat know it. He thinks I am political when my opinions on politics are chiefly focused on who is a heretic, when heretics are in power. Whatever his apotheosis is, it is clearly not of the mind. And therefore, he is not worth the time." Judge Evans
  • "An ideal evolution; a mercurial mirror" - Verkenner
  • "The name sounds familiar. Montreal or some shit? Whatever! What a pretentious name. Like, is he really /the/ Basilisk. Did he kill the others? Oo! I hope he did~" - Bellamy
Notable Traits
  • The Basilisk has never been heard speaking openly around Cainites
  • He is an Obvious Predator, on a Path, and two Obertus Revenants have been tasked with shouldering the Lunatic in his mortal interactions
  • Enjoys beekeeping, chemical engineering, explosives, and melee sparring
  • Few ever get to see his eyes, which he keeps covered with various pieces of fabric, bandages or otherwise
  • Enthusiastic Bonecrafter

Known associates
  • KK Ryder, Ductus of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates Pack
  • Lucian Antonescu Ravnos, Priest of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates Pack
  • Giulia, Abbot of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates Pack
  • Dr. Charlie Lessard, Vicissitude instructor (deceased?)
  • Constantin Odobleja, Metamorphosist scholar and teacher
  • Apparently he used to be a butcher, that's why he's so handy with a machete
  • He owes big to an Elder Tzimisce, no Malkie gets that far with Revenants and Viss on their own
  • He can totally speak, but it's fun to watch people scramble for an interpreter.
Out of Character
  • Francis Dollarhyde, Red Dragon (social isolation and Metamorphosis)
  • Killer Croc, Detective Comics (Presentation and obvious predator)
  • Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, The Perfume (Everyday interests and obsessions)
  • Clyde Shelton, Law Abiding Citizen (Technical and tactical genius)
  • Deathstroke, Teen Titans (Expert melee and thrown fighter)
  • Shiny Toy Guns, "Starts with One"
  • Elsiane, "Hybrid"
  • Zynic, "Dead End"