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You may address me as you see fit.

The Details

Name: Butler
Aliases: Alfred, Jeeves, Jarvis, Geoffrey, Buttles, Butter, Sebastian
Duty: Ghoul to House Kincaid of the Tremere

Known to Kindred

Butler, or some ancestor of the same, has been seen attending the leadership of House Kincaid since before it's inception.

Known Masters


  • Olivia Collins calls him Ivan and asked him once about the proper technigue to bury someone alive, as if she believes he should know.
  • Has, on occassion, been mistaken for a certain shadowy Elder.


  • "Yes, sir." -- Rivkah Buchler
  • "Hard work is it's own reward - this is a concept that Butler understands better than any one I've ever met." - Liam Kincaid
  • "I think his brain is broken, he's been a servant for so long. But... he knows me. Or, he did." - Turmoil
  • "Should a day come where his already questionable loyalties raise further questions, I would hope that he proves as loyal as he claims to be. He does polish the silver well in any case." - Felix Winchester

Inspiration & Influences

  • Black Butler
  • Downton Abbey

OOC Stuff

Player: Daniel Troncoso

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Storyteller: Nick Kice

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Location: Austin, TX