The Calling Seas and Dancing in the Twilight Waves

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Dances in the Twilight Waves Name Glyph.pngDimwater.png

Շђє ςคɭɭเภﻮ รєคร

Can you hear the calling seas
Listening in your dreams
She calls so strongly I hear it now
Find it in my soul the longing
Always lost in pitch blackness

Hear the song within the ocean
Deep within the souls of the children
Crushing depths the tight grip of Her hug
Sing to me, my Mother, I’m yours
Your song, Your love, Your Demands

Listening in my dreams
When I sleep so soundly
I hear the calling seas
Sinking in the cold
Hunger claims me soon
Unable to breathe so deep

Swimming through the Womb
The lights shine so far
Open my eyes
Born anew in Her blood
I am Awakened
I am home

I listen closely to Her voice
Across the Oceans mighty currents
I have found my way
Following Her song
The Calling Seas

๔คภςєร เภ Շђє ՇฬเɭเﻮђՇ ฬคשєร

On the first turn of the Great Wound, rising from the depths of Sea into the Oversea, I was led to the surf by Razortooth th Undying of the Deeps, the Voice of the Un-Sea. We stood, waist deep in our Long Fins. An air of change, not just in the seasons turning but with life around us.

He turned to me and spoke. “My heart, my sister. Mother of my children, Mother of Kunspawn. You know what it is to be Kadugo, you know the history of our people as best as I could teach you. You, however, do not know what it is to be born of the Sea, as every one born swimming jaws does. As you have been to Grottoes before, it does not make sense to send you on a swim to one… So in such, you shall swim as one born swimming jaws for one turning of Oversea’s Balm.”

Turnings of the Great Wound are easy, a turning of the Oversea’s Balm is not. The short journeys to our grottoes would not test me as they should. Not truly. So I will live as my family in the waters for the duration of Oversea’s Balm. In doing so, I would prove my ability to fulfill the three other Commandments of the Deep. The Laws of Sea and be the Shark I was born to be.

Swim, Survive, Hunt.

With this, I turned, facing the Gulf and entered the waters, taking my form, swimming into the arms of Sea as Her child of Shark for the first time.

For the first few days, it was easy. I understood to Swim, to keep moving, for I needed to breathe and to stop, I could not. Though curiosity also drove me forward and sought out all that I could to become familiar with the Gulf I would call home for the next full cycle of Oversea’s Balm. Even as I slept, the ability to continue forward was instinctual within my body. Moving had always been so natural to me. After several passings of the Great Wound, I grew hungry and to starve would mean to die, and so I knew I must Hunt to feed myself. This time, I must use what I had at hand. That was my teeth and powerful body. All that Sea grants each of her Rokea children born of shark.

I sought out any meal possible, I swam from the murky waters and out where it was clearer. I would find schools of tuna, salmon, and other creatures, but all were more experienced than myself. They proved a great challenge. I would tangle with many fish, in the dance of survival and of the hunt. No malice, just life and death.

But each hunt failed to deliver success. I had grown frustrated and could not understand how I was failing to provide the simplest of meals for myself. I thought too much like a human. I needed to listen to my soul and to my new instincts, yet all I could hear was the cry of hunger throughout my body.

After two passings of the Great Wound I could feel myself weak, each hunt took more energy that I was not replenishing after each time I failed. However, there were many roles we provide than just hunting, and that was scavenging to clean the oceans. Fallen and dead provide meals and Sea gifted a dead whale by the time the Great Wound began to set into Her arms on the third passing.

With this meal, I gorged with others. This allowed me to sate my hunger, buying me time to better understand how I can improve my hunts. For now I would survive to the next day but there would not always be another carcass to feed from. I knew I must meditate and learn from within.

So I did. Within the silence, after the cries of hunger long vanished, I felt the other half of my soul begin to speak, though they were not words, I understood them nonetheless.

As time continued, I learned my strengths. I learned how to control turns, twists, breaches. I began to listen to my instincts that had awakened within me, stronger than I had felt, ever before. I began to feel, truly, the shark within me and the shark I must be. I learned to spot weaker fish, over power them and soon I was taking my own kills, regaining more strength and power.

I had successfully learned to hunt as Shark.

But this was only part of it.

Now I must Hunt to protect and learn to fight.

So I searched out a given target that I could successfully eliminate, or Survive by knowing not to throw my life away on a fruitless attempt in glory.

Man fishes with great tools, ones like nets and long lines, often our own kin are bycatch of this method. Then there are some who practice cruel methods, by taking fins, and allowing a long suffering death for pointless superstitions.

I looked for these familiar hulls. Seeking out the ones that hunt our family.

One, I came across, was pulling in nets of tuna, and I found not one but two sharks within the nets, frantic to get out, unable to swim, and unable to breathe. I used my advantage to shred the nets, ripping gaping holes in them. My pulling going unnoticed, with the force of all the tuna fighting the nets. This was simple. Soon both sharks were free. With damaged tools, the ship would be forced to return to port with little profit, a chain reaction that would cost them time and money but bought the creatures of the Sea more time for now.

My next encounter brought me to a place in the Gulf, where a long line was let down. Baited and ready to catch fish, a death trap for our shark-kin. Again, a simple task, I bit the line but I did not stop there. I would follow it, and take it with me. Finding each and every one of the hooks and gulped it gone so that not creature would be trapped and suffer.

It did not stop here though.

The next line they began to pull, I could see kin and other fish alike pulled to the top of the ship. The hull was not familiar to me but it was soon apparent, I had found a finning vessel, the moment the first catshark was tossed overboard with no fins. I bit the line through, before they could pull more, and each line they dropped, I would continue to bite. I would not let any more be pulled to the deck of the ship to be murdered.

I would free each shark on the line until the attention of the men aboard finally tried to deal with me. They tried many times to shoot me with harpoons, each one missed for so long, until I took one into the side, with that, I swam down. The pain tugged and tore through me, but I would pull the man over the edge and into the water.

My wounds would heal, pushing the harpoon from my side but I turned and surged forward with strength. With the man in the water, he would be no match for me. I took him within my jaws and devoured him in chunks, thrashing.

After, I would find the propellers of the ship, rip them from the hull causing a crack in the bottom, allowing both the ship to be stranded and sinking. I would wait until the night came, when the ship finished sinking, and hunt the rest of the crew into the darkness.

I completed my ability to prove myself to the completion of the Commandments, the moment the last man was eaten.

I learned to swim as I should, to live, to explore. I learned to Hunt, to feed and to protect. Which both follow to Survive in their own ways, I learned when I should not risk my life needlessly and to take care of that which I knew I could.

The next few turnings of the Great Wound, I learned to perfect it all, to become better each time until the rise of the Great Wound broke across the water for the last time, and I would return home. Proof of my ability to Survive and a Master Predator.

I arrived back, at our following gathering that very day I returned and requested to speak to the Rokea in attendance. We swam and met at the southernmost point of the island. There, among them, I stood before our Voice of the Un-Sea. “Razortooth, the Undying of the Deeps, Voice of the Un-Sea and Apex of the Last Bastion of Light’s Keep. I have done that which was tasked to me by you, for my challenge. For the full cycle of Oversea’s Balm, I have swam and lived as the squamus, I have followed the Commandments of the Deep, Laws of Sea. I have Hunted, I have Sawm, and stand before you as proof of my Survival.” “But I will not only show you with my presence, but I will tell you of my time, so that you will know and feel as I have felt. Reborn.”

Thus I recited my time and story to him.

Once finished with my story, I shifted to Standing Jaws and looked to Razortooth, the Undying and asked, “My Leviathan, does this slake your requirements of the challenge?”

“It does.” Razortooth says and nods before shifting into his standing jaws form and vomits up a box, with teeth marks gouged into it, and he opens up the box setting it in the sand. “And as such, you are the first of a new generation of unborn..”

He opens up the box and begins mixing the oils, inks, ash, and ground sand. He picks up the tray of items from the box and steped over to me and begins marking my form with glyphs of the dimwater, homid, kunspawn, and as he begins the glyph of those who swim on the surface the spirits of the gale winds swirl around them as the ritual begins properly whispering words to him as he begins. “My sister, you’ve completed your deed, the first of our kind to awaken in these dangerous times, the first who was unborn to be reborn, awakened.” He gave a slight smirk hearing the spirits whispering additional things to him. “The spirits approve of you, they confirm your story… And added to it.” He said looking to me as he draws the glyph of waves around the glyph of the kunspawn.

“I deed you Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened on the Surface. You are indeed kunspawn, my sister and we welcome you.”

๔คภςєร เภ Շђє ՇฬเɭเﻮђՇ ฬคשєร, Շђє ยภ๒๏гภ คฬคкєภє๔
г๏кєค ๔เ๓ฬคՇєг ๏ภ Շђє รยгŦคςє

(Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
Rokea Dimwater on the Surface
Gallant 1/7/20)

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