The Cherokee Club

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The Cherokee Club is a local biker bar in Campti that had be rebuilt and now managed by the Anarchs of Natchitoches. It still keeps its cover as a rowdy spot for roughnecks, bikers and those just want to have a wild time. Behind closed doors, those of the Anarch Movement and friends gather for mutual political protection and to socialize to pass the time. The club is able to police their own and has little need to involve law enforcement.

The Cherokee Club began as an Anarch gang that expanded in accepting others in as token members. In result the Sect specific gang had grown to become a multi political coterie.

In agreement with the local Doyen of the Independence Alliance, Nicholas da Costa is the "go to guy" for the Movement and serves as President of the club.


The Anarch Movement:

Members Clan Titles Status (Beyond Committed) Duties
Nicholas da Costa Brujah 2: Connected, Honorable President
The Red Queen Daughter of Cacophony Ambassador of Natchitoches 2: Established, Guardian Vice-President
Victor McCoy Gangrel Baron of Marksville 3: Loyal, Authority, Mandate

The Unaligned:

Members Clan
Lanette DuBois Nosferatu

The Rule of Law:

  • Don’t be the idiot that brakes the Masquerade.
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Everyone has a history, so mind your own business.
  • Don’t make threats unless you’re ready to carry them out.


  • Nick owes a Minor to TRQ.
  • Lanette owes a Major to Nick.