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Name: Sabr Hawana
Aliases: Tani, Chess, Stripes. "Azebra" is hated and she will knock the shit out of whoever said it.
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: The Cheshire's Grin
Age: 27
Current Location: Kansas City
Sept: Sept of Joining Waters
Pack: Chaos Theory


Homid Form: (Photo shown is a few years old) Long dyed straw brown hair pulled back in a loose braid. Often found in uniform. If off-duty, wears a white and black hat with ears--a little homage to her Ajaba ancestry.

Crinos Form: Large and stocky. White with black stripes and black socks. Square, powerful jaws. Most prominent feature are the large, erect bristle-like back hairs that extends from her crown to her tail.

Hyaenid Form: Looks just like all the other striped hyenas, except perhaps a little pudgier...



Apoc PC

Player: Rachel Fakih
Auspice: Dawn (Ahroun)
Tribe: Ajaba
Domain: KS-020-D Kansas City
VST: Kendra Allen

IC Email: Sabr "The Cheshire's Grin" Hawana

Tani Hyaenid.jpg

Character Information


  • Lighthearted with a dark sense of humor, she is quick to smile and laugh. She is tough-skinned, so insults or accusations rarely get more than a dismissive wave of her hand and a snort. She is curious and likes to learn for the sake of learning. Hobbies include fishing and dancing around her room blaring K-pop with a brush as a pretend microphone. Her personality gets a little less fun when she's working. Becomes sarcastic and dry and a bit of a smartass.


  • Tani is a bunch of contradictions. She spent the first half of her life in a small, backwater village in the Middle East surrounded by family; she then became an orphan and moved to the other side of the planet, to live with extended family in the heart of KCMO. Though trouble finds her everywhere and disaster seems to strike at every turn, Tani smiles and appears to shrug it all off—an attempt to mask the deep sorrow and guilt that wells in her heart.
  • She is an officer for the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) Tends to work the streets and sit around with her radar gun. She has a good nose for narcotics.

Known Associates


  • None


Allies and Friends

Other Persons

  • Aleksei Garagrin (HATED. IS LOUD ABOUT HER HATRED.)
  • Storrbod

Fallen Friends



  • "Don't forget your right to remain silent--I suggest you exercise it."
  • "Don't make me hit you."
  • "Ah-huh. Did you know mom's the Queen of England and about to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to Putin? No? Well, now you do."


  • "Here comes the Fun Police..."


  • She had a twin.
  • She's afraid of spiders
  • She has to be locked away on Halloween or she'll frenzy at the first kid who shows up wearing a lion costume.
  • Her hatred for the Simba runs so deep she won't even look at those who would be allies.
  • One time she punched a Lieutenant for sexual harassment and the Chief put her on desk duty for three months.


  • "Laguna Loire" -FFVIII
  • "Dean Winchester" -Supernatural
  • "Lenny Briscoe" -Law & Order
  • "Olivia Benson" -Law & Order: SVU


The Cheshire's Grin

Out of Character

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever!


Special thanks to Abby Estes for the original code, and the permission to use it <3

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