The Collector

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_____ Character Information _____

Deed Name: The Collector

Homid Name: Evgeny Fedorov

Notable Traits: Bitten; Fame 1


Auspice: Ragabash

Fera: Corax

Breed: Homid

Rank: Fostern

Camp: Hermetic Order of the Swift Light

Sept: Cockroach's Coast (Toronto, Ontario)

Pack and Position: Toronto Tribal Conglomerate (T.T.C.)


Raven 1.jpg

_____ Biography _____

__ Appearance __
The Collector is a husky man who appears to be in his mid-to-late 40s,
with grey hair and beard, bright blue eyes and weathered features. He tends to wear all-black outfits, usually with a vest adorned with "shinies" on it, ties of black-and-white or black-and-silver patterns and rings of black and silver on his fingers.

__ Personality __
Inquisitive and curious, but also gruff, direct, and greedy.

__ Background __
His mother was a Russian immigrant who came to Toronto with her family when she was a teenager in March 1966. She did not adapt well to Canada and frequently got into trouble at school and with her family. Eventually, she ran away from home in 1968, ending up on the streets and became a prostitute at the age of 16. She got pregnant one night in November 1969 by a man who paid for her services. She gave birth to a baby boy, but immediately gave him up for adoption. The boy subsequently bounced from home to home and shelter to shelter. He ended up on the streets and in a life of crime by his teenage years.

He is a "fixer", an information broker who can get you what you want or knows someone who can, but it will cost you.


_____ Timeline _____
January 1970 - Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
January 2014 - First change (Bitten)
Summer 2015 - Finds himself in Chicago, Illinois to expand his network of criminal allies and contacts, where he meets an Ajaba named Unimpressed
2017 - Helps to establish a new Caern in Toronto
June 2017 - Travels with his Pack to Buffalo, where they watch the local Garou bust down a door to fight something big and bad while he and his pack take out nearby snipers on rooftops and The Collector comes home with a shiny new sniper rifle that fires silver bullets! ... I mean ... an ordinary sniper rifle (nothing to see here!)
July 2017 - Travels to Austin, where he meets a bunch of Garou and Fera. There was a lot of talking
November 2017 - Travels to southern California, where he meets more Garou and Fera
March 2018 - Travels to Vancouver
April 2018 - Travels to Cincinnati
June 2018 - Attended a Fianna-Fae wedding and got trapped in the Malfeas, which led to an epic exploration in order to find an escape route
July 2018 - Travels to Cleveland where he dodges the Pentex "police state" that had taken root and assists with the seeding of a new caern that shut down Pentex subsidiaries for three months AND an epic ride in a Rokea's mouth to explore a Wyrm tunnel in Lake Erie
October 2018 - Rises to the ranks of Fostern after taking the challenge of infiltrating a cult in Toronto led by a vampire belonging to some group called The Followers of Set and successfully "liberating" some documentation that the vampires probably didn't need or shouldn't have had
October 2018 - Travels to Kansas City at the request of Smooth Operator to assist with her Project Ditto, joining a small team to trick Malfeas into sending the Third City virus canisters to the wrong Kansas City area site
November 2018 - Returns to Toronto to assist his sept in a fight to eliminate the group called Legion and a group of Black Spiral Dancers and their corrupted allies. Despite taking damage to the head that nearly "brained" him, balefire burns, getting infected with Wyrm taint, and exhausting all his gnosis and willpower, The Collector survives the fight with Legion and the BSDs!!
February 2019 - Joins the rest of the Nation of Toronto in defending local antagonist Kinfolk called The Union from an attack by a Dunsirn vampire, during which The Collector is on the roof of a building set to explode with silver shrapnel as it goes off. He got better!!
March 2019 - Becomes the Fool of Toronto.
March 2019 - Travels to Amarillo, Texas to take part in multiple quests to prepare for an operation where he joins #teamwyrmfoe/#teamthunderwyrmhoooo! inside a Quarantine Zone to battle and eventually slay a Thunderwyrm.


_____ People He Knows _____



__On The Payroll__

Pack Totem: Raccoon
Prime Motivator - (Alpha) Glass Walkers - Philodox
DJ Sick Puppy - Glass Walkers - Galliard
New Eclipse - Glass Walkers - Philodox
Shield Bearer - Glass Walkers - Philodox
Lupita - Black Furies - Ragabash
Blogs For Gaia - Glass Walkers

__Friends, Lovers and the Rest__
January Fairbanks a.k.a. Smooth Operator


_____ Observations By The Collector _____
"It'll cost you."

_____ Observations By Others _____
"Not so fast Feathers"

  • "We get into and out of the best messes, don’t we? Now, let’s go catch some shiny Pokémon." - Smooth Operator
  • "That's my pack mate. Just a few weeks ago he was on an exploding roof. No that's not a typo" - Blogs For Gaia
  • Has anyone seen my watch? - Alex Drake
  • "He was so happy when we yanked those teeth out of the Thunderwyrm he dealt the killing blow to." - Carries the Dead

_____ Word on the Street (Rumours) _____

  • Has an unhealthy obsession with trying to get an authentic police badge, purely as a "trophy"

Rumour here.
Rumour here.
Rumour here.


_____ Soundtrack _____
The Collector's playlist

_____ Inspirations _____
Top Dollar - The Crow

_____ OOC Information _____

Player: Mark Mielewczyk

Player Email:

Storyteller: ADST: Patrick-Sean Morrissey

Storyteller Email:

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada