The Death of He Who Does Not Swim

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The Death of He Who Does Not Swim


A song crosses the depths. To those on land, it is slow and heavy, but to those who hear it in the water… To the Rokea it is created for. It contains a sadness that encircles them. More than mournful. A grief that ripples over the flesh. That unique sending that they communicate in turned in against itself. The electricity in the song pricks against their hide. It is painful to listen to, and yet the song must be heard. It’s lesson must be endured. Pity to the Dirtwalkers who cannot understand the depth of the Depths of this song.

What I do, I do for duty. There is no love in my heart for the actions I have taken. There is no vengeance or animosity in my deeds. There is only duty. What we owe to the Sea must be honored and respected. What she commands of us, must be obeyed. Even when to do so seems to weaken us.

He Who Does Not Swim is lost to us. He is no more. His name alone, a betrayal of what is expected of each and every Rokea, was his first offense. He has violated the Litany the wolves of the Unsea cling to. But far worse, he has turned his back on his very brethren, both in name & deed. I thank those of the land for returning him to us. That he may be provided a justice amongst his own kind. Judges Silently, you are honorable to do so. It will be remembered.

How he had lost his way, I know not. Corrupted by C’et perhaps, as some fall to Qyrl. But far more insidious, I think, to be born of the Sea and be seduced away to the UnSea. To forget what one is, *who* one is. In it happening at all proves how I failed my brother and how I must maintain vigilance that is does not happen again.

One last swim. That is what we provided to our brother. We returned him to our Mothers cold embrace. Myself, along with, Dredges Unsea's Corruption from the Vast Expanses of Sea, Razortooth the Undying, Havelock, Sea’s Hope, Swims Deep, Tides of Time, Whisper Eater & Shipsinker surrounded He Who Does Not Swim. To his credit, our brother did not fight us. He accepted, with what honor he retained, his fate. Would that things could have ended differently. Would that we could have welcomed our brother back to our Ways. Would that this song had a happier ending.

Whisper Eater cast down the only ending this tale could take: Karal, known to our people as He Who Does Not Swim, you have forgotten your duty to the Sea. You have forgotten the ways of the Kunspawn. You do not Hunt, you do not swim, even on UnSea. I find you in violation of the Laws of the Depths. Judgement is done. Punishment will happen immediately.

No joy in our actions. Only duty. He was destroyed there and then. Ripped apart by the Rokea. Each of us partaking that we would remember our brother, our own failure in letting this happen, our own remembrance of what our laws entail. He did not suffer long. That was not the purpose of this grim task. Justice was swift and brutal as it should be.

He Who Does Not Swim, this song is yours. I send it that others may know your end. Though the end was not what we would have wished, we do remember you for the way you once were.

Survive. Hunt. Spawn. Swim.

These are our Laws and they will be obeyed.

As sung by Abyssal Lullaby, Dimwater of the Open Sea

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