The Durand

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Commonly Known Information

Name: The Durand
Clan: Lasombra
Morality: Humanity
Sect: Unaligned
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage


At a touch over seven foot tall, bald, and with a fondness for crisp lined suits, The Durand is a figure who receives comparison to "Slender Man" by some. He, having been briefed by his current ghoul on what such a moniker means, finds enough amusement in it that he permits it to continue. He is thin, but his endlessly black eyes are ever moving, and the touch of an unexplained grin touches his thin lips frequently. Despite his chalky skin tone and otherwise perhaps unsettling features, he is an open and approachable sort, his demeanor frequently lending to one believing he is an impeccable host. There is a quality to him that onlookers may find to be akin to the angels of Biblical lore, above his other features.


London, England knows this vampire to be one of keen observation, a tendency toward silence or the odd well-placed statement, and an interest in knowledge of any kind. After his departure from the London gatherings in 1493, The Durand was a figure whispered about as something of a myth, a tale to frighten misbehaving children. A slow sweep across the south-eastern states eventually found him settling in New Orleans in the early 1800's, and there he has stayed, carving out a niche for himself amongst the power players of the Independent Alliance that would form centuries later.

In modern days, he is known to be the Elder who, being Unaligned and thereby unrestrained by Sect divisions, folds under his watchful eye those who are not members of the Independent Alliance, for their tutelage and protection, or is it to corral them? In either case, coming into New Orleans from any sect other than the IA will find you pointed in his direction, more often than not.




  • "He is a mysterious figure, He hints at a well of knowledge deeper than the ocean. I can only wonder how so much was earned." - Rhodes
  • "A gentleman, a scholar and perhaps even a friend under the right circumstances." - Charles Blaine
  • "He's an enigma. I honestly don't know what to think about him." - Sofia Giovanni
  • "Roach will never stop trying to learn all he can from him." - Roach
  • "I look forward to tea with him. Though I'm also not sure if I should be worried about tea with him. Either way, I'm sure it'll be fun!" - Zoe Dearborn
  • "Quote Here" - PC


OOC Information

Player: Kizanth Robinson
Player Email:
Storyteller: Troy Jackson
Storyteller Email:

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana