The Edict of Austin

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On the First Night of the Founder's Day celebrations in 2017, Prince Coen Baanard was instructed by a representative of the Justicarate to read to the assembled kindred a new guidance in matters pertaining to Heresy. Absent a specific name, the Harpies who were present, (Olivia Collins of Austin and Mr. Hagan of Tuscon) proposed the new doctrine be named "The Edict of Austin" in keeping with historical precedent.

The Text of that Scroll was as follows:


The Words of their Graces -

The Justicars are judges of all, Camarilla and Anarch, for as writ in the Convention of Thorns, the Tower is one and the same. For too long we have permitted unwholesome acts to threaten the Tradition of the Masquerade. These heretical acts tear as the fabric of our society and darken the beacon of light that is the Ivory Tower. On the eve of this Founder’s Day Celebration, and in honor of our loving Mothers and Fathers, be it known that heresy shall continue no more.

In protection of the Masquerade the following acts are heretical to the Founders and those accused partaking in such heresy shall be brought to swift justice:

1) Possession in whole or part of the Book of Nod, The Revelations of the Dark Mother, the Gospel of Laodice, or any other heretical text;
2) Trafficking with demons, pursuing the demonic path of Golconda, or manifesting the infernal power of the Salubri;
3) Manifesting the powers to sculpt flesh which is only found among the agents of the Sabbat;
4) Denying the true nature of the Founders as loving Mothers and Fathers,

So it shall be for our words are law.

Tegyruis * Anastaz di Zagreb * Lucinda * Dona Manuela Bolivar * Madame Guil