The Gardener

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Commonly Known Information

Shadow Name: The Gardener

Notable Traits: Shaggy hair and beard; simple, loose-fitting and comfortable clothing; mumbling West Georgia drawl; idealistic ramblings.

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Thyrsus Libertine (Free Council Status 2)

Position: Hierarch of the Silent Sanctum Consilium (Consilium Status 5); Member of Le Monde Invisible; Member of The Stonesmith Pack; Founder of Natura enim et Disciplinam.


The Gardener has walked the world a bit, man. He's done seen some things, man. Done some stuff. Made some friends, maybe a couple o' enemies along the way, d'ja knowat I mean? Got beaten down bad by a couple o' baddies when makin' his way through Western MA and the Tower told him t' put down roots so, sure as church on Sunday, that's what this country boy did. Made some new friends along the way an' was taught to really see things by ne jamais.

Nowadays he chills in his garden at Le Mondes Invisibles, tryin' t' make th'world a better place, ya dig?


  • June 5, 1981: Born in Douglasville, GA
  • June 20, 1999: Enlists with United States Army. Goes through basic training that Summer at Fort Benning, GA. Is trained as a medic.
  • September 11, 2001: "9-11" Attacks on United States. Shortly thereafter, Shawn (now a Specialist) is sent to Afghanistan.
  • November 2001: Shawn is shot in the abdomen and captured by a group of Taliban fighters.
    • OOC NOTE: Contact player for additional details.
  • December 2001: Shawn is found, fully healed, wandering in a haze up to US Army checkpoint, having no memory of how he escaped. Officials classify the matter, though rumors about the event leave Specialist Blair with a bit of notoriety.
  • January 2002: Shawn is discharged from the US Army. Begins a nomadic life, wandering the country, learning about the truth of his existence [as a mage], He doesn't stay in any one place too long.
  • May 2005: Helps a fellow Thyrsus who is a member of the Silver Ladder who, in thanks, gives him a familiar spirit, Ugga.
  • August 2015: Finds his way into the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

January 2016: Is attacked by a banisher pack and helps other Mages fight them off, but is severely wounded during the process. When he comes to, he decides to settle down in Massachusetts.

  • July 2017: Meets ne jamiais and joins Le Mondes Invisibles, living on the property and acting as Groundskeeper.
  • July 2018: Joins the Free Council.
  • September 2018: Becomes the Provost of the Free Council at the Silent Sanctum Consilium, working under Deucallion.
  • October 2019: Is not present, but hears of an attack on the Consilium's Sanctum by a group of Scelesti in the area. Begins investigating them.
  • January 2019: Participates in the rescue of several Wolf-Blooded from a black-ops military facility in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. The rescue team walk into an ambush by Banishers and are only able to rescue 13 of approximately 50 people before being forced back. The operation becomes controversial in its aftermath, but gains The Gardener the respect of the local pack of werewolves, the Stonesmiths.
  • February 2019: The Consilium's Sanctum is attacked by Banishers and hunters. Though they are forced back without any casualties, the resulting argument about the merits of rescuing the Wolf-Blooded drives The Gardener to consider leaving the Consilium. He is invited to join the Stonesmiths, and is later enticed to return to the Consilium by Persona upon learning of treachery in its ranks.
  • June 2019: Is elected Hierarch of the newly-reformed Amherst Consilium
  • July 2019: Leads a battle in Shadow, freeing the Town of North Adams, MA from an infestation of Golmuths.
  • August 2019: Founds Natura enim et Disciplinim.
  • September 2019: Forges a controversial ceasefire with The Nibelungenlied Ring - a division of paramilitary hunters operating out of a black ops site near Pittsfield, MA - in order to join forces against the Scelesti Cabal, Wonderland, whose work in the Berkshires was threatening the region.
  • October 2019: On the eve of battle with Wonderland, while working with a Lost named Rowena, is defeated in dream combat by The Queen of Hearts (a member of Wonderland) and left comatose. He is awoken several days later, his mind returned under mysterious circumstances.


  • Fame 1 among US Army Vets as a P.O.W. who escaped under strange circumstances, there are rumors that all that was found where he escaped from was rubble and bodies mutilated beyond understanding. The brass remains hush-hush.
  • Fame 1 among Horticuluralists. Visitors to Le Monde Invisible's Center for Learning marvel at his beautiful garden, and at least a few amateur horticulturists have noted he has some obscure plants that grow far more successfully than one might expect given the climate.


  • "S-some people are just really decent. When someone's hurt, they try their best to help them, just because it's the right thing to do. N-no asking for payment, no standing around, n-no power struggling - just being a good person. I wish everyone was like Gardener." - Spindle
  • "I cannot stress enough the importance of having competent healers. The Gardener is one such person." - Tag
  • "He's an... interesting presence, quite possibly perpetually high, but feels rather immediately vital. And he has an odd knack for knowing a lot more than you'd expect." - Pharos

OOC Information

Player: Joshua C Smith

Player Email:

Storyteller: Simone Tanzi

Storyteller Email:

Location: Western MA