The House of Morgen

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See what others cannot. Remember what others forget. Create unity in the fires of conflict. And protect those who are blind to danger. Our kind must survive.


For millennia our kind have existed. Monsters among men preying on those that we once were. But in our darkness civilization arose. Yes, even we monsters seek the company of our own kind. We barter, socialize, live, and love. We come together in the shadows for we all instinctively know that there are dangers in the world that we can not face alone.

But for all our potential our kind can be just as short sighted as the mortals we drink from. And more often than not even more selfish and self-serving. And in those moments we can become blind to that which wishes to destroy us.

Perhaps it is only fitting that those deemed mad are the ones who see things as they truly are. The ones who rise above such desires. The ones who guard our kind and peer through the darkness. The ones who see the flames before the fire consumes us all.

When outside threats seek to consume our cities we are there to discover them. When those among us would tear down the world for their own gain we are there to pull their plans into the light. And when the kine seem ready to reveal our kind to the world we are there shroud us in darkness.

We were not asked to do these things. We do them because we see what they cannot.


Those who come from the line of Morgen are known for their intellect, their prophetic abilities, and their unwavering duty to seek out and protect kindred of the Camarilla, Anarch Movement, and even some non-political kindred from outside threats.

Most kindred of this line make their livings as librarians, researchers, scientists, investigators, doctors, therapists, and even fortune tellers.

All members of this house are forbidden from taking part in petty political plots be they for selfish gain or the gain of others. Exemptions only occur when the target of such plots is someone that creates so much chaos that it threatens the survival of kindred kind in their city.




  • Morgen (6th Gen; Anarch): was sired by Necross sometime in the waining years of the Roman Empire. Founded the House of Morgen and it's ideals in the wake of the original Anarch Revolt's defeat. He currently resides in Lake Charles, LA.
  • Cecil Dyer (8th Gen; Unaligned))
  • Leon Harris (9th Gen; Anarch)
  • Alan Morrows (9th Gen; Anarch)
  • PC Under construction (9th Gen; Anarch)
  • PC Under construction (10th Gen; Anarch)


If you are interested in having your character join this lineage or would like to be known as an ally of the house please contact the lineage head at: