The Ironclad Archbishop

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“Not all the monsters have fangs. Not all fanged Man are monsters.”

- The Ironclad Archbishop

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Name: The Iron clad Archishop
Birth Name: Joseph Belcher
Clan: Nosferatu
Date of Birth: 1636
Embrace: 1682
Nationality: English
Lineage: Salt

I was born a man of faith in a world of hate. Tricked and seduced, I failed my God, my faith, and my duty. Cursed by my sire, I earned back my faith and my virtue through servitude and pain for a century. My Archbishop clothing may be tattered and old, my body pierced and bloodied, my mind has never been as pure and strong as it is now for I have a duty and a purpose in my unlife. Fear not child, I am not here for you, for you are a victim of this world and I can see that despite the abuse, your are still innocent and pure. It is not you who should fear me, but the monster disguised as your father... Close your eyes now, I hear him coming for his nightly sin. Hush now, he won't touch you tonight, he won't touch ever again child for the one Above has sent me on your path and I have heard your prayers.


Spawn :
This is for the tormented and protector of the mortal aspect. He is not a hero, he is a monster that tries to make sense of his torment.

The First and Forsaken Lion :
Like this Character, Joseph is trapped in a garment made of steel piercing his skin and relentlessly torturing him. For each attempt at freeing himself from this torment (and his sire), a new band of steel spike was added by his sire. This led him to accept his fate and suffer endlessly.

Uncle Iroh :

Once proud and fiery, Joseph tries now to be a guiding voice, calm and soothing for the younger kindred. He helps them face the tragedy of Vampirism and tries to help them keep their precious humanity, something he lost long ago.


The Violonnist "Child, you are of my blood and I shall make sure you are worth every drop of it."

Gallindo "We are both born from the same era, yet we chose different path. I respect conviction, but not folly."

Ulric "Old friend, you were for many years my only friend, I shall repay you that friendship some times."

Cyrus Eddington "You onced sheltered me from my enemy, you shall always be a priviledged guessed in my home"


Quotes "It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart."

Quotes "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster."

Quotes "Only through the lost of his humanity shall the soul be forever doomed and never again mended."

Quotes "He who feeds on misery and prey upon the weak shall always end up the prey of a stronger monster."


Player: Marc Plamondon

Player Email:

Storyteller: Audrey Gravel

Storyteller Email:

Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada