The Janus Coin

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The Janus Coin Coterie

Founded near the end of the 19th century, it
started based out of Europe but received
much success throughout the new and old
world. Some critics have suggested the
Coterie are nothing more than glorified
vultures, others claim they are saints.
The coterie has a string of cities they
have moved to with the primary goal
of stabilising, and promoting peace
and harmony in the name of the
Camarilla. Most notably they saw
some successes in the US, and
now have been called by Prince
Cornelia Mowebary to aid Montreal
after its recent troubles. The promise of
position, power, and political sway was to
tempting for the group to pass, and they
gladly accepted the kind invitation to visit.
How long will they stay?
What do they truly want?
How far is that stick up Mr. Blackett's ass?

These answers and more! Stay tuned.
Notable Members:
Mr. Marcus Webb, Mr. Anton Von Forcade, Mr. Deacon Webb
Mz. Edith Bellows, and Mr. Blackett

Opinions, rumors, and unsollicited musings

  • "Don't misunderstand me: they put on display a noble veneer. But it takes five of them to accomplish, out of the kindness of their hearts, what a single sanctioned Archon does out of duty. Hrmph. What are they really after...?" Thaddeus Moreau