The March Into Malfeas

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The March Into Malfeas

As told by Liam “Songs of Distant Arcadia” O’Connor, with assistance from Sings in Defiance and Millennial Falcon

Kinfolk, kidnapped. The Bite, synthesized. The Wyrm, strengthening.

Things looked most dire for the Septs of Southern California. A series of Kinfolk disappearances had rocked the Garou Nation. Evidence came from the Sept of Shadowed Wisdom that the efforts of the Wyrm's most devious servant, had found a way to co-opt that mysterious gift of Gaia, the Bite.

But, out of Darkness comes Light. Word from the Sept of New Dawn emerged that a major facility of Pentex had been discovered. It seemed that this central location was where a majority of the research and development of the Weapons of the Wyrm were being made. It was revealed that this was no ordinary Pentex facility, but one deep in the heart of dread Malfeas itself. This could not stand.

>From the deserts of the east emerged a leader to lead the forming War Party. Dagmar “The Iron Lady” Nielsen, the Sept Alpha of the Sept of Desert Winds stepped forth to lead the raid. An Ahroun of the Get of Fenris, the Iron Lady lives up to her deed name. Strong, determined, and fierce; she truly embodies the leadership one would expect from the Fenrir.

The plan was simple: scout the facility, find its weak points of entry, then exploit them to destroy everything inside, crippling Pentex’s capability.

>From all over the region, Garou and Fera came to aid. They gathered and planned their various groups. The scouts came back with their reports. At 1500 hours, the time for the raid came. The Sept of New Dawn’s totem, Clashing Boom Boom flew in, sporting her new VTOL look. She loaded up the gathered members of the Nation, and blaring rock music from her speakers, she flew the Nation, as they prepared for their assault.

The Nation split into three parties, the Main Assault Force, the Exfiltration Securers, and a Recon Team.

The Main Assault Force attacked the mustered servants of the Wyrm. The Iron Lady led the assault on a platoon of waiting First Strike soldiers and Fomori. A Fallen Get led the Opposing Forces. The Rage of the Nation burned deep. Claw and fang, bullet and blade. The Get of Fenris engaged their Fallen brethren with all their might, matching him blow for blow. The rest of the assault team, dealt with the majority of the other forces. They fell underneath the might of the Nation (and a few well-placed Wails of the Banshee from your man, Liam O’Connor).

The fighting was fierce, but in the end, The Iron Lady and her fellow Fenrir. Fubar, brought down the corrupted Garou, bringing it mercy the only way the Get know how: with a swift, brutal death.

After some careful searching, the Recon Team found what they were looking for: a server room. If they could crack the Wyrmish code, they could open up access to the core of the compound. Between Raven’s Flight’s knowledge of the tongue of the Wyrm andDr. Fennick’s/Sings in Defiance’s programming, the group was able to get access to the mainframe. However, the celebration was short lived, when the forces of the Wyrm arrived to stop the intruders.

The battle was fierce. Many wounds were taken by the members of the Nation. While they came from many packs, they fought with the teamwork and coordination of a well-oiled machine. Often times, when things looked dire, an ally would come in to save an otherwise doomed compatriot. Of particular note was Explosively Calm, who fought to the near brink of death multiple times, but kept regenerating a wound that would have killed many others.

The Main Assault Force reconvened with the Recon Team and marched into the now unlocked core of the compound. Together, they discovered the depravity of Pentex. Kinfolk were found in tubes, being experimented on. Limbs removed and being experimented on. Fomori were being manufactured with tainted mortals. Blood of corrupted Vampires were being pumped into humans to give them the Wyrm’s foul strength.

Thanks to their combined medical and technical knowledge, the Glasswalker HUD; The Kitsune Sings in Defiance; the Bastet Itdala, and yours truly were able to safely secure the kinfolk, and evacuate them off-site. Two kin died during the attempted to cleanse them of the Wyrm taint the had acquired, but the rest live on. The road of recovery will be long and painful for the kin who survived, but they will become stronger for it.

With the Rage of the atrocities of this facility in the hearts of the shifters, The Iron Lady led the War Band to the core of the facility. With a ferocious strike, she rent open the door leading to the it’s darkest center. Inside, was found the lead scientist: a mortal mage who had long been corrupted by the insidious touch of the Wyrm. He wore a strange mask and was flanked by five identical floating masks.

The mage wished to banter, but this was not the time for talk. This was the time for death. The Get bore down on him with all their ferocity, but his fel magics kept him standing and undeterred by their blows. Thinking quick HUD pulled out his pistol and started shooting the masks. One shattered. Others picked up on the tactic and lay into them. Three were shattered by Liam’s wail. Finally, HUD shot the mask being worn by the magus.

With destruction of his foul fetish, his malevolent magic failed and he fell to the combined might of the Ahroun. His body crumbled to worms, which joined the black ichor of the nearby vats of corruption. With a howl, the Nation celebrated their victory.

However, the celebration was short lived. The lights in the compound turned red, a claxon began blaring, and small lights led the way out. It was clear to all that the facility had a self-destruct fail-safe built in, and it was being triggered. The Nation retreated from the doomed facility, and evacuated to Clashing Boom Boom, who returned them safely to the Sept.

After a period of cleansing, the Sept was reentered. Celebrations were had, and those who had been lost were mourned. The Nation had gone deep into the Malfeas, the Heart of the Wyrm, and dealt it a serious blow to Pentex and the Wyrm. While the wounds were deep, the forces led by the Iron Lady came back with no losses. Our scars and songs bear testament to the victory over the Wyrm.


Dagmar Nielsen

Tribe: Get of Fenris
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Domain: Last Refuge
Player: Nicole Ortiz US2005085948
VST: Darold Morris