The Northern Front

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Planting the Seed of San Juan
Battle at the Northern Front

The battle begins, as so many do, with eyes watching the horizon. Bitter Pill of the Corax spreads her wings to watch the sky. A wave of banes approaches and Bitter Pill screams a warning. The shifters waiting below, claws sinking into the moist earth, prepare for the oncoming storm.

Unspoken Vow and Misuto o Aruku Mono vanish. Heart of Sokari, Nikolai Tvarivich, and Pavel Vaseiliev form a protective crescent in front of the Kinfolk Sylvi Anker. Stands with Dignity and Asger let out roars as they charge into the black sea of enemies. The largest throw themselves at Stands with Dignity and Asger – the most visible threats.

Stands with Dignity’s claws sink into Wyrm-soaked flesh with deadly, unerring accuracy. As soon as one enemy falls, he turns to another seemingly at random. The Banes never know who will be targeted next and their resolve falters; none want to be the next to fall.

Asger grabs a Fomori in each hand and slams them together with the crack of breaking bone. The corpses break apart in his hands and become weapons used against their bothers. Thick, black blood soon drips from Asger’s fur. The Garou doesn’t seem to notice.

Tenebrous Harmony glances at Winter Sunshine and Thrall Larsen. The Bastet grins once then races forward on lighting feet. A matching grin curls the Galliard’s lips and she follows on Winter Sunshine’s heel. Thrall stays close beside them until it’s time to fan out and engage the enemy with deadly purpose.

Thrall lets out a howl and the Gaians can feel their resolve strengthen. The glimmer of a klaive can be seen for the briefest moment before the shining metal sinks into the nearest Bane. Its flesh parts in twain and Thrall moves on with nary a look behind him.

Winter Sunshine is liquid grace with claws, dancing through the groups of Fomori until her chosen target is cut down with feline precision. She lets out a wicked laugh and continues to move throughout the sea of Banes and Fomor in her lethal waltz. None want to be her partner, but it’s not their choice to make. Winter Sunshine dances with whomever she pleases.

Silverheart watches the battlefield with the cool, level head that’s served the Philodox well for over a decade. His calm commands over Packlink blend with the shouted instructions of his Packmates, letting the Gaian forces move as a single unit.

Tenebrous Harmony’s attention is divided between friend and foe. A Bane falls under her claws only for her to turn and brush against an ally so their skin knits together. Above all, she calls out instructions from Silverheart to guide the Gaians around her. The Galliard has no visible area where she excels, but she acts as the cornerstone piece to hold the group together as an extension of Silverheart’s will.

The enemies soon move past the front line, but Heart of Sokari, Nikolai Tvarivich, and Pavel Vaseiliev remain in wait.

Heart of Sokari shouts a battle cry that draws the attention of the Fomori away while forcing the line forward to meet them. Her actions might seem reckless to the casual glance, but she leaves no opening where the enemies could slip through and harm Sylvi Anker. The line is held and more Fomor fall.

Nikolai Tvarivich stands cold and ready. His gaze is almost detached. A Bane tries to pass by him and finds itself on the ground, buried under Nikolai’s foot. He continues using the enemy’s momentum against them until the Banes finally become more wary. He draws his Grand Klaive, Winter’s Kiss, with a small sigh then steps forward to meet the cowards who have stopped coming to him.

Pavel Vaseiliev’s attention is also divided between the world above and the world in front of her. She calls out information to Heart of Sokari, relaying it to Silverheart, and the view of the battlefield is complete. Enemies that come within reach are shredded by her claws, but she serves her primary purpose with coordination and split-second planning.

Only a fool would forget Unspoken Vow and Misuto o Aruku Mono, be we fight a great many fools this day.

Unspoken Vow springs from the shadows that his Tribe is named for, striking once, twice, with lethal precision then disappearing once more. The enemies never see their death coming. There is no way to avoid it. They simply die.

Misuto o Aruku Mono matches the technique of Unspoken Vow. What he lacks in brute strength he makes up for in speed. The Kitsune is a deadly fog that rolls over the battlefield and defeats the enemies with a thousand cuts.

The shifters are obviously trying to protect Sylvi Anker as much as possible, but the Kinfolk is having none of it. When a Garou falters, she is there. When a Fera is sliced open by Wyrm-tainted claws, she is there. Her efforts give the Gaians enough room to breathe and her clothing is quickly soaked in blood – that of herself and others.

So the battle rages on until, finally, the sea ends. The remaining enemies flee into the Umbra. The northern front is held and the Gaians can finally move to see if their blood has watered that most precious of seeds.

as told by
Tenebrous Harmony
Silver Fang Galliard
Adren to the Nation
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