The Rise of the Undying

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The Rise of the Undying

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In the human time it was the 1960s… We are not to sure of the specific year, roughly a decade after the detonation of the wound at bikini atoll which slaughtered our people. We were weakened and vulnerable.

In the Mariana Trench, as you of the Unsea call it, was a sacred place. A Caern, a place for my people to do as you do here. Meet and send of news and stories. At the time though Razortooth, Vengeance of the Sea had just challenged one of those of Higher Station than he, you call it Athro, we call it In the Cold Sea. That moment when he agreed the sendings started, “Enemies” “We’re surrounded” “Pain and Anger” flowed through us. The Kunspawn Deep Sea Travels gave him a task. “Fend off this enemy and we will move towards the challenge after.”

Enemies chose to target this sacred place, in our time of weakness. They attacked in numbers, formori, banes, and maddened and corrupted others. They came out of several ships on the surface above us, and from all around. We fought and killed all enemies which attacked us, darkness could not hide them and fear was palpable. We knew this wouldn’t be the end, we lost a few in the attack. But the Brightwaters, Razortooth included, decided it was their job to put an end to our enemies.

Deep Sea Travels then sent to Razortooth, Vengeance of the Sea a new task. “Your challenge is to eliminate any remnants of our enemy. Slay all you come across.”

Razortooth and the others followed the scent of blood. They were full though, having eaten our foes in the battle prior. But the blood gave them a trail to follow, back towards the surface of the sea.

They found boats on the surface, these uhm... Container ships were loaded down. But there they spotted one of the formori climbing back up the side of one of the ships. They went forth with deadly efficiency to hunt. The Kunspawn sunk their claws into the steel as they shifted to standing jaws form and climbed up. Then they were met with dozens of formori which they had to fight off on this one ship.

However, what the Kunspawn didn’t count on was the beast which was housed in the bowels of the ship, A formori or maybe just a manifested bane, either way this wouldn’t be an easy fight, not out of the water. They backed off seeing this large tentacled thing and it reached out with its tentacles and grabbed the railings of the ship and fully lifted itself out of the hold, and then into the sea it dove. They followed, figuring they would have an advantage, and be able to call for more aid. Shortly after they were in the water the other formori joined the fray, diving back in the water or swimming up from the depths.

They could not have bested this thing out of the water, luckily they didn’t have to do that, it went for the sea, and they followed taking their Fighting Jaws forms and attacked from every angle they could. Blood was in the water again, it’s all we could smell. Sendings of our allies became erratic as they were struck with poisons in this things tentacles. Pain was a primary emotion they shared. Razortooth had been lucky not to get struck by this beast. The fight underwater felt as if it took ages, though only a minute or two had actually passed. They fought by attacking it’s long grey blue tentacles and severing them from its pulpy mass. They had sent out for aid, which came quickly, to our luck, in all about ten Rokea in our Fighting Jaws forms turned this large mass of tentacles into a mess of blood and torn flesh, or corpus. It shrieked underwater sending out powerful sound waves that sent us scurrying away from it only to return seconds later. It was nearly deafening. It was this fight that Razortooth, Vengeance of the Sea died. It grabbed him and held him clutched squeezing, while his allies kept attacking, the pain was terrible but his jaws found purchase several times tearing away tips of tentacles coming towards his eyes. Though one dove into the socket and through his brain. He felt pain then nothing and drifted away when released. The beast was slain with his sacrifice. As were the formori that jumped back in the sea to aid it now somewhat recovered. Razortooth's corpse was brought to the grotto, and left there after a sort of last rites had been done. It wasn’t expected that he would awaken healed, but those who knew of his age had hope that perhaps he was one of the few who could return from death.

Silence with but a bubble of noise here and there stirred him to awaken. He felt no pain, no rage, but he remembered the monster and swam with speed from the underground tunnel of the grotto where he had been laid to rest. It startled many as Razortooth came out sending images of the beast but it wasn’t there. It was as if he had only been gone a moment for himself. It was then we all learned of his blessing. He was like the Leviathans, the once destroyed only a few short years ago. Perhaps, he was chosen as a successor, but he never voiced or sent such a thought to anyway. He only thanked the Sea for this blessing.

Razortooth sent to the Rokea "I challenged, Deep Sea Travels. He viewed my challenge complete, in my death to protect and avenge the Grotto I was granted In the Cold Sea, but the fact I returned from the death was a blessing for the Rokea, the Grotto, and myself. He deeded me Razortooth, the Undying."

As Sung by Sings in the Abyss of the Open Sea, Dimwater
Through Sending, great images of the mighty fight are shown to Rokea.

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