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Pirates and smugglers are known throughout the Expanse and Verge. However most of them fall under one union, one family and that is the Scavengers.

General knowledge of the Scavengers is simple. You see their ships you run. Many explain them like a swarm descending on the unknowing. Raiding and Scavenging before disappearing once more.

The Core boasts of not having one scavenger within its system. It is one of its selling points. However peel back the layers of lies, corruption, and money, and you will find a scavenger there. Hidden away, working the strings and helping the family keep tabs on the MegaCorporations and the Unions.

The Expanse and Verge is the true playground for the Scavengers. A completely, mostly unsecured hunting ground.

With the large numbers of family members, it is logical to think that there is indeed Supernaturals within their numbers. Unlike the public opinion, Scavengers do not care if you are Supernatural or not. If you can get the job done then so be it.

The Supernaturals within their numbers go across the board. Lost, Werewolves, Vampires, Mages are all there. With this, if one was to look close enough they would see Motley’s, Cabals, Packs etc. Though all work in accordance with the Scavenger code.

Most of the Supernatural populace within the Scavengers can openly live their lives. Scavengers have seen many strange things and the odd scaled, fanged or even overly large wolf is not something new on the ships and within Big Bertha herself.

Synths are also well protected within the Scavengers. The Scavengers know what it is like to be outcasts and many a liberated Synth can be found working on one of the ships. Many happy enough at the end of their lives, to go out on one last raid.

Despite there being no judgment of Supernaturals and Synths. It doesn’t mean that they can do what they please. If one was to break the code, be sure that they will be dealt with either by the Supernatural populace themselves or they are brought in front of the council.

Skullbullet.png Family First
Skullbullet.png MawMaw's word is law
Skullbullet.png Protect the Family
Skullbullet.png Do not sell out the Family
Skullbullet.png Never open corridor 54. EVER! No matter what is said, Don't!



One of the biggest scavenger families in the verse. Many adopting a second surname as to not get confused themselves. Traze can be found on every scavenger ship out there. The majority living on Big Bertha as the current head of the family and Scavenger fleet is Grandmother Traze aka MawMaw. The Traze family can be traced back hundreds of years so many within the scavengers hold respect for one of the oldest families around. The biggest giveaway of a Traze is the infamous bright red hair and temper to match.


Another one of the larger scavenger families. Most marry into the other families but still, there is a good number of them. The lineage can be traced back as far as Traze, some even saying they were one of the first Scavengers around. Many operate the smuggling side of the business. If you need something not so legal these are people you talk too. Gulths are known as the Giants of the Scavengers. They are distinct and terrifying. The most infamous being the giant himself, Doxgar. A man rumored to be so large and terrifying he made the stars themselves shake when he shouted.


The Redbones get their name for their love of well bones. You’ll know when you meet a Redbone because they are either decorated in bones or are cutting you open to get to your bones. The more ruthless and animalistic of the families. They have been known to mix with pirates and slavers. It was thanks to the Redbones that The Blood Bucket has become part of the Scavenger fleet.

Hutches / Zeluva:

Now these are the smaller of the families. Many sprouting off from the larger families to try and gain their own identity however each can be traced back to one of the top three. They are a little unnerving to outsiders as many boast the telltale signs of inbreeding. Mostly the blue skin, webbed fingers or cleft lips.


You don’t have to be from one of the main families to join the Scavengers of the Verse. Eventually, if you have proven yourself enough they will adopt you. Not officially on paper because well that costs money and time. Nope, you’ll get your own colors and be greeted by every scavenger out there.


MawMaw.jpg MAWMAW: Current leader of the Scavengers & head of Traze family. Her word is law. Can be found on Big Bertha.

Drake.jpg CAPTAIN EHROTH THE RED: Captain of The Blood Bucket. There is a reason he wears red so well.

ZZcap.jpg CAPTAIN ZAXARY "ZZ" ZELUVA: Captain of Bartholomew aka Wrecker. Don't let his good looks fool you. Dude is crazier than a certain Traze.

EGulth.jpg DR. WILS GULTH: Captain of Jub-Jub. Think he is a Doctor? He can stitch an arm back on without leaving his crossword puzzle.


Adleynew1.jpg ADLEY TRAZE: Heir to the Scavenger fleet.

Damari1.jpgDAMARI: Captain Ehroth's right hand man.

Acepic1.jpg ACE: Cybernetic genius.

Emson.jpg EMSON: Quartermaster and overall badass.

Big Bertha:

One of the main four largest ships of the scavenging fleet. Bertha is more of a floating world than a ship anymore. The size of Bertha is bigger than many moons but don’t let that fool you. The ship is still able to travel through space easily and boasts some of the most modified weapons known throughout the universe. Starting off as a colony ship she has been adapted to deal with the ever-growing Scavenger families.

Bertha houses many families. Boasting her own districts. A salvage yard. Docking. Market. Housing pods. The ship can easily be classified as a world in itself. It even has its own council area where each head of the scavenger clans discuss business and settle disputes away from the eyes of the Core.

Big Bertha can be called the mother of the Scavengers. A place to raise their families and learn the tricks of the trade.

Jub - Jub:

Another large ship is one of the newer additions to the scavenging fleet. The original name too complicated and long to pronounce she was renamed Jub-Jub. Being one of the newer ships it means The Jub Jub is outfitted with the latest technology. A very appreciated donation from the Core.

For the time being Jub Jub is currently latched onto Bertha until the scavengers figure out how to truly use the ship. Some have already begun using it as a medical ship. Though no one truly knows if Jub Jub will survive as currently, it’s parts are worth more than the running costs.

Bartholomew aka Wrecker:

Bartholomew was originally the largest mining ship in existence and still holds the record. Outdated and barely held together it is a miracle it still functions to full capacity. Mining asteroids and stripping minerals from planets. Bartholomew is normally the first thing a person will see before a swarm of Scavengers arrived.

Upgraded and somewhat maintained the ship can still strip a large asteroid of minerals and precious metals within hours.

It is one of the more active larger scale ships of the fleet and has been described to have a swarm of smaller ships surrounding it. Attempts have been made to raid the ship but all have failed the inside hosting dangerous and deadly machines if a person doesn’t know how to use them correctly.

The Blood Bucket:

The one ship you do not want to see approaching is The Blood Bucket. Painted in a deep red and with painted teeth on the front. The Blood Bucket is the only warning you get before the might of every scavenger is upon you.

Anyone messes with one member of the family, they have to answer to them all and Blood Bucket is the first to be sent in before the others arrive. A modified military ship it boasts numerous canons and one ugly looking mounted gun that is rumored to be laser powered and can rip through anything in its path.

The inside of the ship is lined with cages of numerous sizes. Some for people others for animals. No one truly knows what happens with the prisoners taken by the Blood Bucket but from the evidence lining the walls and floor, it isn’t a pleasant journey back to Bertha.

Skullbullet.png "Three-Thumb" Tum - He tries, he often doesn't succeed, but he DOES try. Oh, and he howls. A lot.
Skullbullet.png "Fappers" - No-one remembers his real name, but guy's got a MEAN right hook, and never seems to get lucky with the ladies.
Skullbullet.png Garrife - Some say he's almost as tall as Captain Ehroth the Red, but most think he's just got a long neck.


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Skullbullet.png Add your own!

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