The Sleeping Lord

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The Sleeping Lord


Physical Description

The Sleeping Lord lays in a perpetual state of rest entombed in a sarcophagus underneath the Dream Court. They wear robes which their followers cover with fresh clover, leaving only their face visible. That face is so worn and ravaged by the curse, that age or gender is indeterminable.

Brief History

Little is known about the vampire known as the Sleeping Lord, save that they are millennia old, and suffer eternally from the curse which destroyed their sire, The Scorpion King, served as Set’s general when the Osiran League united the north and south kingdoms in Egypt under King Menes as the first Pharaoh. In an endless cycle, the Sleeping Lord rises only to be brought down by the pestilence which plagues their body and forces them into slumber. The Setite has earned the title Maiden of Plagues as, even entombed deep beneath Cairo, they gather strength, forcing the curse of their blood to gather and, upon rising, release the ravaging effects upon the mortal population. The vampire is also known as the Lord of Dreams and a cult of mortals and Setites dedicated to the Path of Ecstasy have built the Dream Court dedicated to them under the belief that the Sleeping Lord sees and hears all and will eventually rise to bring blessings to their favored.

Current Status

The Sleeping Lord continues to manipulate the Dream Court from beneath Cairo and searches for a way to permanently remove the curse.

Titles and Accolades

  • Hierophant

Known Childer

Anen Onuris (deceased)

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 200 BCE to 1700 CE, must be embraced in Egypt. Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Independent Alliance
  • Path: Any, though many childer are on Path of Ecstasy.
  • Skill: Childer must have Occult 3+
  • Merit: Childer have the Clan Merit: Personal Cult
  • Flaws: Childer are always touched by the terrible power of their Sire’s curse and must take one or more of the following Flaws: Beacon of the Unholy, Blood Rot, Conspicuous Consumption, Dark Fate, Disease Carrier, Flesh of the Corpse, Methuselah’s Thirst, or Permanent Wound. Other common flaws among the Sleeping Lord’s progeny are Cursed, Deep Sleeper, Derangement, Eerie Presence, Gehenna Prophet, Grip of the Damned, and Thirst for Innocence.
  • Special: All childer are adherents of the Dream Court (Setite Temple)
  • Special: Without fault, each of the Sleeping Lord’s childer seek to end their Sire’s curse. Most believe that breaking the Sleeping Lord’s curse will allow the ancient to plumb the depths of its dreamwalking state to find the location and means of raising Set himself.


  • Special: Most of the childer of the Sleeping Lord immediately meet their Final Death after Embrace or go insane due to the ravages of the curse upon their ancient progenitor. As such those that survive are forever marked by the mystic might of their Sire or hardy enough to survive the particularly harrowing Embrace. It is recommended they take one of the following merits: Additional Common/Uncommon Discipline, Oracular Ability, Setite Sorcery, Rugged, Versatile (Stamina) or Necromantic Training.

Privileged Information

The following is available of to PCs with the appropriate Lore Specialty of: "Followers of Set"

  • Member of the House of the Eclipse
  • Suffers from the Curse that saw the death of the Scorpion King, his sire.
  • Will rise every now and then, only to be destroyed by the curse upon him.
  • Carries the title the Maiden of Plagues
  • Is able to manipulate others from his dreams
  • Until recently, had a near open feud with the Court of Fire, until Nakhthorheb became the Grand High Priest. The Feud is gone into a Cold War stance.


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