The Song of the Sunken City

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Tales from the Deep: The Song of the Sunken City

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The Kunspawn were called by Shipsinker to come to the aid of Jacques and the Sept of Shadowed Wisdom. Whisper Eater, Dimwater In the Shallows, and Shipsinker, Brightwater On the Surface, found a terrible infestation, a putrid corruption of Qyrl that stained any who came into contact with a strange yellow fluid. A Song of Aid reverberated through the Air and Sea. These are those who answered:

-Jacques, Squamus, Darkwater In the Cold Sea
-Just Keep Swimming, Homid Dimwater In the Shallows
-Shipsinker, Squamus Brightwater On the Surface
-Sea’s Hope, Longfin Dimwater In the Cold Sea
-Raven’s Flight, Homid Uktena Theurge, Athro
-Hang’s Ten, Longfin Dimwater In the Shallows
-Swims-The-Shallows also known as Seeker-of-Sea’s-Forgotten-Treasures, Squamus Darkwater In the Open Sea
-Jab, Swims with Pride, Squamus Brightwater In the Open Sea
-Razortooth the Undying, Squamus Brightwater Of the Cold Sea
-Priscilla Lamnidae, Kadugo
-No Prey Remains, Squamus Brightwater In the Shallows

The Kunspawn are Honorable and upon arrival, many offered the great Redwood totem of the Sept chiminage without request or prodding, as the spirits of the Kun are dear to many of us.

News was shared swiftly between the Shifters and Kin: as our Elders tell us, in 1929, a landslide drowned a corrupted portion of San Pedro, where agents of Qyrl, named the Heartless Lovers, were spreading a terrible blight. In July 2017, this area, now known as the Sunken City, became a Periphery and the Heartless Lovers emerged from the depths to battle again. The Shifters of Los Angeles fought back these agents of Qyrl and the Periphery was balanced amongst the Triat. Thus, all was at peace for a time. But as many of Gaia know, peace is not a long-lasting gift. Soon, the Heartless Lovers redoubled their efforts and the Sunken City was at risk of becoming a Broken Land. Those of the Sea knew our duty and came to prevent this machination of Qyrl from taking root.

This Slew of Rokea, Kinfolk, and Garou entered the Sea’s Soul and witnessed the spread of this corruption. Wreckage of simple buildings now took on the appearance of Cyclopean masonry and the previously still waters were found to be swarming with agents of Qyrl. Giant crabs, corrupted by a putrid yellow fluid, climbed this wreckage. Our path was barred. Yet, undeterred, the Rokea know that victory and survival are forever forward, so we did what we were born to do: Hunt and Swim.

Seeker-of-Sea’s-Forgotten-Treasures acted with Wisdom and lead this slew through secret currents. Swift was his swim and cunning was his plan, calling forth spirits to help us distract the agents of Qyrl.

Shipsinker was Glorious in his battles. When no path could be made by stealth, Shipsinker carved one through the monstrosities of Qyrl.

No Prey Remains and Swims with Pride darted about the enemy’s forces with agility, tearing the forces of Qyrl into ribbons.

Raven’s Flight was able to decipher the tongues of Qyrl with ease and shared their Wisdom with this slew.

Razortooh the Undying acted with Wisdom and Glory. Knowing the soft underbelly of these creatures would be their weakest point, he swam with great might and ripped many in twain. Likewise, he protected those in his charge and kept his mind to task.

Priscilla, Wise Kudugo, held the fin of Razortooth and quick they darted through the waters, as she provided information on the movements of the enemy and the powers of Qyrl.

Hangs Ten, called forth the Wisdom of our Kunspawn Ancestors and provided important information on the area of the Sea’s Soul the slew swam through.

Keep Swimming acted too with Wisdom and Honor, knowing that the duty of the Dimwaters is to aid our slewmembers. They sent out a song that rang through the waters, granting succor and strength to the Shifters who joined in their melody.

As we broke through this barrier of Qyrl’s forces, we came to dryland and noticed too that this yellow corruption coated buildings, where think verdigris and barnacles grew where none should. Qyrl’s forces were closing in on us, knowing we could take the knowledge gained through this quest to strengthen our resolve against them. Qyrl crafted a trap that would damage the Veil if we were to fail. Still! These Shifters were more cunning than their enemy. We were able to wrest further knowledge of what Qyrl had done it its attempt to destroy both land and sea. We were able to Survive and the Veil was undamaged as we dodged the last of the Qyrl’s forces.

Through our efforts we brought back Wisdom: the Heartless Lovers could now infest those of Land and Sea. Moreover, these agents of Qyrl could cross the Gauntlet if they wished. The damage to the Periphery of the Sunken Sea was great and more healing and balancing is needed. Through our Glorious deeds, agents of Qyrl were thwarted; while the war is not yet won, the Sunken City was prevented from becoming a Broken Land by our efforts.

Remember, this was done though the cunning of the Uktena and the might of the Rokea Long Fin, Squamus, and Kin. We are strongest when we Honor all of our Breed and work as Gaia intended.

And so my Song ends,

Kyle Waters
Hangs Ten
Long Fin, Dimwater In the Shallows
Guardian of the Sept of Hope’s Resurgence
Master-at-Arms of Beta Rho Omicron

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