The South Street Syndicate

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Information Known by the Anarchs

Name: The South Street Syndicate




  • 1851: Luca Muscato, Paladino and several other dock workers form up into a group of laborers. The South Street Gang starts off as little more than dockside thieves and hooligans, but soon garners notoriety for smuggling, extortion, burglary and general thuggery.
  • 1856: Part gang, part labor union, the South Street Gang is well-established and boasts a fearsome reputation for violence and brutality, enough to attract the attention of an ambitious Brujah who takes key members of the gang as her retainers. With their newfound strength and a kindred's patronage, the gang aggressively expands its influence. Unbeknownst to the gang, in actuality they're being used to fight a proxy war against the retainers of their regnant's adversaries.
  • 1857: The South Street Gang joins the Dead Rabbits in a clash with the Metropolitan Police. During the riot, Luca Muscato kills a patrolman, and the gang flees to Brooklyn in an attempt to avoid apprehension or retaliation.
  • 1858: The South Street Gang relocates to the Brooklyn side of the East River, finding work at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. They initially clash with local gangs of laborers and other street toughs, but eventually they manage to reestablish themselves as an influential force through violence, tenacity and the fearsome reputation of their ghouled members.
  • 1861: With the Sabbat becoming more prevalent and aggressive, the gang's kindred patron offers the ghouled members of the gang a choice - agree to fight the Sabbat on behalf of the Camarilla and she would embrace them and free them from their bonds of blood. They agree, and five members of the gang are embraced as a brood.
  • 1866-1872: The Sabbat lay siege to New York City. The South Street brood, their haven located in an outer borough, find themselves in the thick of the fighting. Of all those embraced, only Muscato and Paladino survive. Their sire disappears during the height of the conflict, presumed to have fled the fighting or been killed. Without their sire to advocate on their behalf, the efforts of the South Street Gang remain unrecognized, fueling feelings of bitterness and betrayal. Within a year, Muscato and the Syndicate sever ties with the Camarilla, nominally allying themselves with the Anarch Movement.
  • 1871-1922: Muscato and the South Street Gang remain in Brooklyn, steadily expanding their influence along the docks and emerging speak-easies. The gang becomes well-known for its propensity for violence and volatility, their disregard for human life and lip-service observance of Libertas see them fighting other Anarch gangs as often as they fight broods and coteries allied with The Tower. This period marks the beginning of the emnity between the South Street Gang and the idealistic Watchdogs, with Dante and Muscato becoming bitter rivals. Their efforts also draw the attention of the city's Sheriff, Bladis, who regularly curtails the South Street Gang's gains with his goons.
  • 1923: The surprise attack by the Sabbat catches the South Street Gang off-guard. In the desperate scramble to hold onto their turf, Muscato and Paladino attempt to emulate their sire and between them embrace a small brood to bolster their numbers. The fledglings prove easy prey for the rampaging Sabbat, with only Eric Loughrane surviving. The South Street Gang is forced to flee New York as most of the city falls to the Sabbat.
  • 1923-1924: Muscato and the surviving members of the gang relocate to Atlantic City, attempting to carve out a niche for themselves in the local underworld economy. They initially meet with stiff resistance from the locals, and its is not until Muscato exerts his influences over a rival's mortal retainer that they're able to break into the business.
  • 1924-1925: Muscato further exacerbates his feud with the locals by embracing Simone Delarue, the retainer he'd stolen from one of his rivals. Sire and childe spend the months of her accounting indulging in all manner of vice along the boardwalk. The blatant antagonism leads to months of heated conflict before coming to an end when Muscato's rival suddenly disappears, never to be seen again.
  • 1925-2014: The gang, re-christened the South Street Syndicate, spends decades immersed in the underbelly of Atlantic City. They keep their operation small to avoid attention, eking out a modest existence in the shadow of more powerful enterprises.
  • 2014-2018: The Syndicate unexpectedly becomes the target of other gangs, coteries and kindred led organizations. Unable to stand against the organized effort to drive them out of town, Muscato eventually leads the gang back to New York City, hoping that the recent change in the city's leadership will prove more welcoming.
  • 2018: Muscato and his gang arrive in New York City and immediately begin to make a name for themselves. Muscato's aggressive nature leads to clashes with other prominent Anarchs, including the Constable. Within months, however, Muscato himself is elected Constable, and becomes a signatory of the Principle Proclamation, a document that would serve as the basis for the foundation of the United Free States.


  • The South Street Syndicate are only Anarchs of convenience. They only joined The Movement to have more freedom to do as they please without being beholden to a Prince, and really just look out for themselves.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Buck Crutchfield

Domain: NY-004-D