The Spectre

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General Information

Name: "Spectre"

Pack: Carpe Noctum

Pack Position: N/A

Clan: Nosferatu

Faction: None

Diocese: Martinique

Titles: Agent, Anointed,


Embraced on the last day of the second millenia, Spectre was embraced after an anime convention in Atlanta, and quickly showed aptitude for stealth and combat. Abandoning her mortal name, she became like a ghost with how she operated and her uncanny ability to infiltrate.

In early 2014, she seemed to absolutely disappear without seeming a trace.

Only in 2019 now has she been sighted in Martinique.


Spectre wears an imposing hooded robe and underneath that is a gas mask that wouldn't be out of place at a rave.


- "Spectre is actually 'Spector in Deep cover"

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- "She makes me laugh, and I enjoy her wit. But I can sense there's more to learn about her. Still, as far as agents go, she's a good one." - Valerie Evans

- "Spectre?...Spectre...Oh! That Nos? Yeah saw them turn up on the island, if I had known they were wanting to serve in the Sword, I would have recruited them for the Inquisition." - Gabriel Thompson

- "Spectre is a perfect mix of point-and-click assassin and sparkling personality. She never ceases to amuse me." - Prescott Grimaldi

- "Spectre is a shadow in the night. She is hard as nails. She makes our pack stronger together. I am glad to call her sister. - Alida

- If your happy and you know it, stab your enemy! if your happy and you know it stab your enemy! If your happy and you know it and your blade just wants to show it, If your happy and you know it stab your enemies

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OOC Information

Player: Cat Kirk

Player Email:

Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

Storyteller Email: